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3 Things We Learned from SmackDown

Back again and looking at the November 6th edition of Smackdown so what did we learn ?smack


  1. Alberto Del Rio is back and it’s like he’s never been away

alberto-del-rio-zeb-colterDel Rio returned to the WWE at Hell in a Cell and beat John Cena for the US Championship since then Del Rio has returned to Raw and SmackDown and slotted back in with the greatest of ease. An upper tier talent Alberto is in the perfect position at the moment and has a chance to add a layer or two to his on-screen character. Teaming up with Zeb Colter will help him and the current MexAmerica storyline could be used well as long as it’s not for cheap heat. On SmackDown Neville stepped up to the plate and in a great back and forth effort, showcased why he should have a chance in the future to really shine. Del Rio hit the double foot stomp for the victory and was continuing his attack before Jack Swagger came to the aid of the Geordie. These two men will meet in the future but if Del Rio continues where he picked up from, there will be much bigger matches in his future.


2.Wyatts are dominant 

trrt_by_nibble_t-d9eyc16SmackDown wasn’t a great day for the Prime Time Players and the Lucha Dragons these two talented tag teams were completely destroyed on SmackDown. The Wyatts have all the power and in collecting the souls of the Brothers of Destruction they have been running wild on WWE tv recently.With Bray Wyatt they have a character that has a chance to become a WWE main stay and in this situation. But we are looking for improvement on Strowman the big man has taken a back seat recently and with Erick Rowan back is the least known. WWE needs to give some back story to the Wyatts. Even Kane and the Undertaker had a mum and dad.



3.Owens is a Star.

KevinOwens1What more is there to say about Owens? When first looked at he is not the prototype WWE superstar but this is why I like him so much. Everything say’s no about him being a star the naff tattoo’s the extra body weight and not enough height but it is all about the talent with him. I can’t remember a bad match he has had since joining NXT  last year and in WWE this  year whether its big PPV’s matches against Cena or house show event’s, Owens gives it his all and when you pair him with someone like Ambrose it’s more than likely they will steal the show. On Smackdown in the main event Owens and Ambrose squared off. Owens playing the heel perfectly winding everybody up at ringside and knowing when to run away. Ambrose is another talent I wished they had more for but I always get a mid card feel of him and that’s the WWE’s fault. Even though the match had a disappointing finish I am looking forward to a feud between the two for the Intercontinental Championship.


On SmackDown we found out Seth Rollins had injured himself and had been stripped of the WWE Championship and a tournament would take place at Survivor Series.We wish Rollins the best in his recovery and hope he comes back stronger than ever.

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