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WWE Breaking Ground Episode 2




TinoSabbatelliAfter last week’s introduction we were given the juicy bits in episode 2, We would find out who was going to be released and how the WWE handles it. Taken into an office and sat down opposite Canyon Ceman VP of Talent Development who had the enviable task of explaining why they were letting them go. So from last week we had concussion victim Tino Sabbatelli, would he be allowed to continue in the WWE or Nhooph the youngest of the diva’s with a name as difficult to spell as it is to say and Devin Taylor former NXT announcer. training to become a Diva for two years but sidelined due to injuries. Well it was Devin, which for me was a shame as she did very well not to break down being told she made the place what it was, but it wasn’t to be, and she was terminated (she might be back).

devin-taylor-nxtTwo things got me about this firstly Mr Ceman seemed quite emotional but gave the whole this is a business talk which just shows you that the whole WWE family thing is a bit outlandish, they are still independent contractors.

Secondly, William Shatner is the voice over man (yes that one) and even though he was just reading the script he said this about Devin “Devin’s inability to make the jump from backstage announcer to in ring talent, proves that there’s no guarantee for anyone” unless you’re a celebrity, guess Devin should have stayed a pretty face rather than attempting her dream.

The Tryout’s !! 50 wannabe NXT rookies trained for three days with William Regal, Matt Bloom and other’s guiding them along the way. Bloom gave a fantastic speech before the work began saying only a select few manage to get to the WWE and Regal had a hilarious moment and just lost his temper because he asked all the wannabe WWE superstars to roll and land with left foot forward for some reason or another they couldn’t quite grasp it which made Regal lose it even more !

Dana Brooke was focused on. She was signed in 2013 she has participated in the Arnold classic, which is a body building competition, and has the look the WWE likes and spends most of her time in the gym. Unfortunately she wasn’t the best of worker’s and we are shown her struggling in ring she will need to improve, or it could be the end of the road. Bayley explains she has been in NXT for three years and in the three years Bayley is one of the best wrestlers in the WWE let alone NXT and has worked hard and improves every time she get’s in the ring.

ZZZamariah “ZZ” Loupe was Tough Enough’s runner-up and at 19 was the youngest guy at the PC but was very new to all this. At NXT rookie orientation he was given Robbie Brookside as coach and even after Robbie had said he would do everything to help if ZZ simply gave his all. His all was not enough and ZZ was mucking about in training saying that his cardio wasn’t there yet. In my mind he seemed young and dumb and need’s to realize that it is a professional thing he has entered into. His parents can’t help him now the best thing he could do is listen to the coaches and really take it seriously.

Promo school was the thing that interested me the most seeing these young athletes either go quiet or having no confidence at all. Being able to deliver a great promo is a difficult thing to do. But to see how the character develops just from this is as important as the in ring work. Overall a really good episode which gives me hope that the ones to follow wil be good and continue to build on the foundation the first two episodes have laid.


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