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Rose was the Mouse in the House vs Thunder

Stacy King always says, “there’s a mouse in the house.”


And was he right more than ever last night at the United Center.Derrick-Rose


Derrick Rose put up 29 points, a season high, against the Thunder Thursday night.


Rose scored (10) or assisted (4) on the Bulls final 14 points of the game.


Is MVP Derrick coming back?


We can’t jump to conclusions just yet. Remember, Derrick will never be MVP Derrick again but we will see flashes along the way.

Rose played well Thursday night. He got to the rim, hit a few jumpers, and dished out some assists which is very important as he has plenty of scorers around him.

Granted this is only one game and a long season ahead, Rose is showing a huge confidence boot and despite double vision, does not want to sit out anymore.

A lot of people want to see Rose succeed. The guy has been off the court way too much and it’s hard to see a guy with so much talent be plagued with injury. Who used to be considered a top 5 player in the NBA now finds himself low in the rankings.derrick-rose-2-maria-arango


I don’t really think those matter but who am I to say.


Fred Hoiberg’s new offense brings a lot to the table. Guys like Butler, McDermott, and Mirotic will thrive in the new system. For Rose, off ball movement is huge for him. Cuts to the basket or the pick and pop is how Rose will thrive in  this offense.

But the point I’m making is that Rose showed last night that it’s only a matter of time until last nights performance can become a every night performance. It is not so much a health issue at this point but being confident. Rose is a huge part of this team and he needs to step up as the leader and let everyone know he’s in full force once again.

Derrick Rose still has the unbelievable explosiveness and the mid-range game. He is not afraid to get to the rim and take contact. That was shown opening night when he took fifteen shots from the paint, one shy of his career high which was when he tore his ACL in 2012.

Rose will always be a great player but now it’s a matter of how great he can be. The Bulls need him now more than ever as they will try and take down Lebron once again. If Rose can stay healthy and become the MVP type player he was in 2011 again, all bets are off that Chicago will win the Eastern Conference. The team is set at every other position, it’s up to the hometown hero to lead his team past Lebron and bring home a championship to the house that Michael built.

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