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NXT 11-04-15


Finn Balor, Apollo Crews one on one for the NXT Championship tonight, but first fairly new NXT diva Asuka would make her way to the ring as she would take on Cameron from the main roster. Met by Asuka gonna kill you chants the two would lock up, Cameron would try to slap Asuka but in quick reaction she turned it into a wicked armbar. Cameron would look in shock and take it to Asuka with kicks to the head and midsection of Asuka. After catching Cameron off guard Asuka would use her powerful kicks and backside to ground Cameron. Asuka would just dominate and show off to the fans, then after she would slap on the Asuka-Lock.


Winner: Asuka Asuka-NXT-645x370

We would go back to last week to see the beating that Dash and Wilder put on Big Cass and Enzo. Carmella would give an update on their condition not before being interrupted by Dash and Wilder as they stated their claim to face the NXT tag team champions for their belt next week.

After commercial another team Jason Jordan and Chad Gable would appear they stated they are the next World’s Greatest Tag… Jason Jordan stated we should not go their but to be the best they have to beat the best. So with that said they would call out the Ascension, for a match back in NXT but that’s only if they are READY WILLING AND GABLE.

New theme for Bull Dempsey as he would face off against Angelo Dawkins as he was accompanied by Sawyer Fullerton. Bull Fit Dempsey would show off his fit side by turning Dawkins fists easily into a side headlock. Dawkins would show some aggression grounding the big man but not before Bull would Bull up. Dempsey would even knock the headband off Dawkins. Dempsey would finish off a Banzai drop from the top rope on Dawkins. Fullerton would leave his teammate after the match.


Winner: Bull DempseyBULL


The Vaudevillians would fire back at Dash and Wilder as said they will be waiting for the challenge.

Tom Phillips would be backstage with Bayley as she announced her teammates that she picked for when she faces Alexa Bliss and Blake & Murphy. Her teammates The HypeBros.

Miss All Red Everything Eva Marie would make her return, the fans would not miss her at all. She would take on a unnamed jobber. Early on in the match the jobber would take it too Eva, not before Eva would take it to the unnamed jobber. After another quick flurry by the jobber Eva would finish her off.


Winner: Eva Marie    evamarie
Finally time for the NXT Championship match. First the challenger Apollo Crew would make his way to the ring to the joy of the crowd. Next the awe inspiring Finn Balor made his way to the ring. Keynote Finn was not wearing his famous body paint for the championship match. The two would stare down as a spotlight was put on them. Before the match this is awesome chants rained down. The bell would ring and the two would shake hands, Apollo would make the first move going for a quick pin. Both guys would test each other out. Apollo would hit a huge dropkick off the ropes and Balor would change it around into his own dropkick.

Back and forth the two would go from a suplex by Crews and a kick to the head by Balor. Balor would put Crews in a rest hold and Crews would dropkick Balor in the face the same way he was drop kicked earlier in the match. From a splash in the corner by Crews to a running enzuigiri by Balor that would knock Crews out the ring. The champ would realize and hit a running dive to the outside on Crews. After a break we would see Balor take control with chops to the chest followed up by a clothesline. Crews turned it around after a sling blade by Balor; lifting up the NXT champ for the gorilla press and followed by a standing moonsault. Balor would get the knees up and hit the Bloody Sunday on Crews. 1-2… Crews would kick out as Balor would quickly make his way to the top rope. The Coup De Grace would miss and Crew would slap Balor with a big boot followed by Pele kick from Balor.

samoajoeeeBoth guys would be laid out in the middle of the ring. Such a wonderful match going on as the crowd cheered on, sadly Baron Corbin would interrupt the match and attack both guys.  Samoa Joe would come to the ring to help … or we thought he would help. After Corbin left the ring Joe would clothesline Balor and attack him. Joe would finish it off with the Muscle Buster.


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