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Kyle Fuller Could be out of a Job come January

Kyle-Fuller-JetsThe Bears are 2-5 and nothing seems to be working.

Cutler is doing everything he can. From 4th quarter comebacks to showing that he still deserves to be the Bears starter next season, he is getting no help from the new but horrendous Bears defense.

While it does take time to adjust to the 3-4 and finding personnel to fit the system, this season is shaping up the be the perfect opportunity to test players in different roles.

Kyle Fuller, 14th overall pick by the Bears in 2014, comes in at 6 ft 190lbs. The average height and weight an NFL cornerback right now is…..drum roll please…..5’ 10’’ 195lbs. Kyle Fuller looks to be the perfect option at defensive back for the Bears right? Well there are speculations that it is not going to work.

Jared Allen and Jon Bostic, have been shipped off to other teams for they did not pass the 3-4 defensive  test. Willie Young and Lamarr Houston may be the next ones to go but what if I said Kyle Fuller is on the bubble too.

Despite 64 tackles and 4 INT in his rookie campaign, cornerback may not be Fuller’s role in this up and coming 3-4 defense. With the safety play of late, the possibility of Fuller moving to safety gets higher and higher every week.

Kyle Fuller is nothing short of a pro cornerback in the NFL. He plays with great technique and has unbelievable speed, but the Bears expected him to be a shutdown corner and they apparently do not believe he has reached that.KyleFuller1


Kyle Fuller needs to play safety for the Chicago Bears.


His 4.49 40 yard dash would be in great use at the safety position. He is fantastic when it comes to run support and his speed and athleticism should make him a future all-pro safety.  While the transition may not be that easy, Fuller should have no problem making the adjustment.

And if Fuller cannot be a safety for the Chicago Bears, he will be out a job for the Chicago Bears. The Bears front office will not be afraid to make moves but I’m saying straight out: Fuller to safety either works and he stays or it does not work and Fuller will not even go back to corner, he will be shipped out of town.

Kam Chancellor made the transition from CB to SS, who says Kyle Fuller cannot do it huh?

To no surprise, talks have loomed about the move of Fuller to safety and John Fox has not denied the possibility of seeing him at safety in the near future.

The Bears are not making the playoffs. Who knows, it could very well be a four or five win season. But if the Bears want to have success in the future, Fuller should make the move to safety and they should shop for the lock-down corner they thought they were going to get from Fuller.


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