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8 are left for 4 spots!

Going into last Sunday’s race at Martinsville Speedway we knew there were 8 drivers in the chase, but only 4 of them will advance to Homestead Miami in just 3 weeks to complete for the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship. So who won the race? Did that driver clinched a spot in the final round of the chase for the Championship? Did a non chase driver upset the field with a win last Sunday?

jeff-gordonWinner of the race was none other than Jeff Gordon!!!! locking himself into Homestead Miami to run for his 5th, but also final, championship as this is last year in NASCAR racing. Last year in this round he finished 2nd to Dale Jr. at Martinsville, than leading with just couple of laps to go at Texas when Brad just ran into the side of him cut his tire costing him lots of positions, and points which knocked him out of the chase, finally finishing 2nd at Phoenix and missing the final round of the chase by 1 point. So Jeff knew going into this year’s chase if he could just point his way through the first two rounds of the chase that he could win Martinsville and advance to Homestead Miami to run for his 5th Title.

The biggest thing though besides Jeff Gordon winning, and could have a fairy tale ending by winning the championship is what happen between Matt Kenseth, and Joey Logano both were running up front with about 65 laps left, when they had a restart Brad got loose into Matt K. turned him into Kurt Busch costing all 3 drivers to go to the garage area for repairs. After about 10 laps in the garage Matt came back out was trying to pick up some spots, at least that was what everyone thought. Joey was coming down the front stretch going into turn 1 when Matt put Joey into the wall costing him the race which would have sent him to Homestead for Title.

When Joey was interviewed he called Matt a coward, why would do that to someone when your race was ruining. I also want to point out a couple weeks ago when Joey wrecked Matt for the win at Kansas Joey who was locked into the 3rd round of the chase, Matt needing a win to advance after the race said “that’s the way I race”. Matt when he was interviewed after the wreck Sunday he said he felt like maybe tire went down, and his splitter kept hitting the ground, saying he didn’t mean to get into Joey, then said sometimes you are the ball sometimes you are the bat. But what is the truth?Matt&Joeywreck

I think the truth is Matt did mean to wreck Joey Logano, but I do not have a problem with that. It’s not because I don’t like Joey, but when a driver felt like he was done wrong, and the driver that wrecked him says that’s how he wins races, I do not mind them wrecking them rather both running 1 and 2, or if 1 is leading, and other is 10 laps down. That’s what racing is all about you are gonna to have rivals, and you are gonna have fans on either side, but this rivalry just a little different. Because when Matt wrecked Joey you could see, and hear the coward just cheering for it because most fans don’t like Joey Logano, or Brad K. unless you are a fan of them, and/or Penske Racing. They are very talented drivers, with very good equipment, but when you wreck people than say that’s the only way I can win the races. Then you are not gonna have many fans out there like Dale Sr, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and the list goes on. Respect is earned while you are out there racing, not just giving because you can win races that is what the problem is with both Brad, and Joey they think they should be respected, but will wreck you. I do not agree with that.

What is everyone’s take? Whose side are you on Matt Kenseth, or Joey Logano? I would love to hear your opinions about Sunday’s race, and how you felt seeing Jeff win and have a chance to win his 5th Championship.

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