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1st College Football Play-off Rankings

Last year the top four teams in the first playoff rankings were Mississippi State, Florida State, Auburn and Mississippi. Only the Seminoles ended up reaching the playoff. Ohio State, the eventual national champion, was 16th in the first rankings.

The top four teams in the first college football play-off rankings are Clemson, LSU, Ohio State and Alabama. And just for comparison, Florida State is number 16. Clemson, LSU and Ohio State are among 11 unbeaten teams in FBS, nearly quadruple the number there was last season when the committee started ranking teams.

Here is the Top 25collegechampionshiptrophy

25. Houston

24. Toledo

23. UCLA

22. Temple

21. Northwestern

20. Mississippi State

19. Texas A&M

18. Ole Miss

17. Michigan

16. Florida State

15. Oklahoma

14. Oklahoma State

13. Memphis

12. Utah

11. Stanford

10. Florida

9. Iowa

8. TCU

7. Michigan State

6. Baylor

5. Notre Dame

4. Alabama

3. Ohio State

2. LSU

1. Clemson

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