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The Definition of TEAM? The Kansas City Royals

RoyalsChampaineCelebrationThis World Series has been some of the most exciting baseball in years. It all started with an insane post season three outs from being eliminated, and the Royals never say die attitude came out and the Astros lost the game and lost the series. The insanity continued into the World Series. The Royals never stopped playing hard, and playing with heart. Being there for their team through many tragedies. There are so many standouts but what makes the Royals champions, is they are a TEAM. This is a team with no ego. All the interviews are about what the individual did but also praise for the teammates.  They call themselves brothers and for many they have been together since A ball. The Royals are a model that should be copied in all baseball this is what a team looks like.

Former Royal, Raul Ibanz said it best when asked about the RoyalsnedYoast

“Character Matters!  Character, attitude, belief, matters”

Congrats to Salvador Perez, who was awarded MVP. I couldn’t think of anyone better for the award. This is a person who gets knocked around and gets right back up. He is the definition of a gamer.

Manager Ned Yost, who has taken a lot of flack from baseball, on his choices on who and when to play certain players. Now with a World  Series, Royals fans can rest assured that the team is in good hands.



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