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Diary of a Cheese Head Part 1

cheesehead1Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre will forever have their names said together. It will be impossible for media and fans to avoid comparisons between the two of them due to the events of the summer of 2008. Together the two of them form arguably the best QB duo to successively follow each other for the same team in NFL history. When their respective careers are both concluded it is a virtual guarantee both will have their numbers retired by the Packers organization, both will be members of the Packers Hall of Fame as well as the National Football Hall of Fame. Favre will complete that trifecta by the end of next summer and Rodgers will likely follow him on that path when his career draws to a close years from now.

It is a difficult task deciding who is better between the two. It is as difficult as comparing what you would rather have between a Ferrari and a Rolls-Royce. They both have multiple regular season MVP awards and both have  Super Bowl wins to their name but Favre and Rodgers have completed enough of their careers that some comparisons can be made between them.

BretFavreColasheBefore I do an individual statistical break down between them I will take a look at the most important category for a quarterback, determining if the teams they are on are able to win or not. Favre led a total of three Packers teams to 13-3 records. The 1996 and 1997 versions of those teams won and appeared in the Super Bowl respectively. Rodgers on the other hand has led the Packers to a 14 win season in the 2011 season and his lone Super Bowl appearance and victory occurred following the 2010 season. Over the course of Favre’s 16 year career with the Packers his record was 160-93. Thus far Rodgers’ has a record of 76-33 as the Packers QB. So in the department of wins and losses, as well as post season production Favre has a slight edge at the present time.

Another area where Favre has a slight edge on Rodgers is when games are on line. Favre has 26 fourth quarter come backs and 39 game winning drives in 16 seasons as a Packer. Rodgers meanwhile has nine fourth quarter comebacks and 13 game winning drives. While Favre is ahead in both of these categories it should be noted that these stats are largely based on both opportunity and circumstances. So there are several variables that factor into these stats such as situations and the strength of the defense on the team with either Rodgers or Favre. If a defense is strong it would be logical that the overall team is better and may not have as many entries into either of these categories in a particular season.

AaronRodgersAboveGroundRodgers has an edge on Favre in terms of individualized quarterback statistics. Favre had 442 touchdowns and 286 interceptions in 16 seasons. That forms a touchdown to interception ratio of about 1.5 touchdowns to every interception. Compare those totals to Rodgers who has 241 touchdowns and 59 interceptions. That is a touchdown to interception ratio of over four touchdowns to one interception. It is not only a greater ratio then Favre but the greatest ratio in league history by a fairly significant margin. Favre had a completion percentage of 61.4% over his career with the Packers and Rodgers has a career completion percentage of 65.9%. While this does not seem like a huge difference it is when you realize how many passes are factored into those percentages. Lastly Favre has a quarterback rating of 85.8 over his Packers career while Rodgers has a quarterback rating of 106.5 over his career.

Rodgers and Favre will go down as the two greatest quarterbacks in Packers franchise history and two of the greatest in NFL history. The numbers show that Rodgers is putting up greater statistical numbers in the first half of his career then what Favre did. If Rodgers is able to stay healthy over the remainder of his career he will likely equal or surpass Favre in areas like game winning drives and super bowl appearances and victories. History will one day remember both Favre and Rodgers as great but it will likely view Rodgers as greater.

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