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3 Things We Learned From WWE SmackDown

So as the title suggests this new weekly article will try to find three things we learned from SmackDown so let’s begin!



  1. Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens Chemistry

KevinOwensWWESo SmackDown started with a Roman Reigns promo, what a week the young man had besting Bray Wyatt at Hell in a Cell then on Raw the next night winning the Fatal 4 Way to become number one contender for the WWE Championship. In the closing exchanges on Raw, Reigns and Owens had the fans on their feet before a spear put the IC Champ down. So just as Roman was explaining what he was feeling he was interrupted by Owens and after a little back and forth a match began between the two. A great way to kick off SD and as the match went on you really felt a connection between the two, and I do believe once Reigns wins the WWE title, a match between them will help Reigns as a credible champion and Owens as a top-tier talent. Even though the match ended due to Owens taking a count out lost these two will and should have great matches for years to come.


     2. Sheamus and Barrett Are a Tag Team.

Seamus&BarrettI like to think the WWE know’s what they are doing with their talent at all time but with Sheamus and Barret I am not so sure. Mr Money in the Bank has been floating about since his feud ended with Orton I know there will be a cash in at some point and WWE likes to always have the briefcase holder in a poor run before cashing in for the bigger shock but it kind of defeats the point when after becoming champion they are considered a fluke. Barrett on the other hand has been saddled with the King gimmick, with the Bad News character he was gaining momentum but has taking two steps back since ascending to the throne. In recent weeks Sheamus Barrett and Rusev have been teaming up losing at the Hell in a Cell kickoff but with Rusev’s bizarre behavior at the moment the english and irish man are teaming up. Where this leads to is possibly nowhere but WWE could do worse than getting behind a team like this both vastly talented they compliment each other as a tag team and how many big teams are in WWE right now? I could see a Usos match in the future which would be a cracker.


        3.Smackdown has a Great Main Event

the-wyatt-family-overpowers-demo-620x350Bray challenged his Wyatt family on SmackDown to go against three Superstar’s and show the group’s dominance. Ambrose,Cesaro and Ryback put forward a tremendous effort in an all out war these six men had the Universe in awe. Ambrose is fantastic as the never say die good guy and Cesaro who should be used more was dishing out uppercut’s like they were going out of fashion. Luke Harper should be praised the big man is the worker in the family and always delivers in the ring and has so much agility as well,speaking of Harper he got the pin for the win when after Bray’s interference pinned Cesaro with the spinning clothesline. Great effort by all involved and hoping WWE can keep up these main event matches. We will find out next week.


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