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WWE Breaking Ground Episode 1

So the WWE Network offered us a brand new program in Breaking Ground on Monday the 26th of October right after Raw, WWE has labeled this “The Road to become a WWE Superstar isn’t easy and doesn’t go as planned for everyone that walks through the door of the Performance Center” That is a good tag line, but what does it mean?

Well for anybody that didn’t know the Performance Center or PC was opened by WWE in 2013 featuring state of the art equipment. Used as a training facility, the PC is home to NXT, the development league, and all WWE talent signed must go through their doors. So the WWE decided to concentrate on these individuals and produce a new reality television show called Breaking Ground or BG.


What does it take to become a WWE Superstar?


Those were Triple H first word’s as the program started, you felt behind the curtain, sure you knew about Bayley and that she wanted to be a wrestler from the age of ten. But being on the road with her brought a sense of grittiness not seen as much these days. Realizing that each wrestler is just as normal as you and I. With their own hopes and fears just going around the hamster wheel hoping for a chance to impress someone, getting to certain points, while seeing others fall by the wayside. In all business some win, some lose, other’s just work hard for their money. Bayley say she wonders if other people our living their dreams. She hopes so as she is able to do this and has worked extremely hard to get where she is. Apollo Crews was another man who worked hard to get where he has coming through the independents before WWE. He had a different path than other wrestlers. Lastly, we saw the latest Tough Enough winner signing his contract at the PC wonder if we see him again?

Let’s have a quick look at the coach’s at the PC and get some more information about them:

Matt Bloom the Head coach has worked at the PC since 2014. As a WWE wrestler he was known as Tensai, Prince Albert and A-train and has experience worldwide.lord-tensai_WWE

Norman Smiley former WCW wrestler and respected veteran been working in developmental in WWE since 2007.

Robbie Brookside one of my personal favorites. British legend and one of the most talented wrestlers and trainers with WWE development since 2013

Adam Pearce former NWA heavyweight champion, never really given a chance by WWE as wrestler, signed to developmental deal in 2015 but has worked with them since 2013.

Sara Amato former Sara del rey is credited with making the NXT diva division what it is today, and a former wrestler, with the WWE since 2012.

When training there will alway be injuries and for Tino Sabbatelli he was suffering from a concussion. A former NFL Player for seven years he transferred to the WWE and in only his second house show suffered the injury. WWE has a protocol now and he had to pass a test. The test is over three weeks and he was put through his paces by another wrestler while the coaches and doctor looked on. He got himself in trouble when trying to show off to the cameras when he was showing us how high he could jump. Mr Bloom wasn’t impressed.

william-regal_WWEOne of the things they focused on was a promo class. I have heard about it and we finally saw it. William Regal taught them that every action mattered and Regal would know, for he was a true talent, and master of many of characters in WWE. Obviously most of the wrestlers sucked on promos, but Regal liked Mojo Rawley’s promo.

Nhooph and Devin were focused on Nhooph being the youngest diva and wanting to be on shows but the coaches knowing she’s not ready. Devin on the other hand was an NXT announcer but decided to become a Diva. Injuries have been holding her back . Sara took a keen interest in Devin and even had a report card on her.

We are introduced to Baron Corbin. He is a man I have already said is a future star, which the interview they had with him summed him up perfectly. He thought WWE wasn’t a team game and was upset when other people got a chance that he didn’t get even though he worked his ass off, being there 3 years. We were behind the scenes of the NXT show and we traveled with Corbin and Smiley. They looked like they had a good relationship. The wrestlers put up the ring and there was a weird altercation between him and Mojo Rawley and MoJo came across a bit of a jerk. Unfortunately, at the same card,  Nhooph did not have a match but Bayley and Carmella had a nice conservation in the back it did really feel like we were there .

The coaches discussed who should stay or go with Devin being the main focal point of the discussion. We met a man in a suit named Canyon Ceman, vice president of the talent division, a man I had not seen before. He was responsible for hiring and firing talent. The cameras show what appears to be someone entering his office and subsequently getting fired. But who would it be? We will find out next week on the second installment of the 30 minute on commercial show, Breaking Ground.

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