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The Responsible Way to Bring Back Jabari Parker

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Dallas MavericksThe Milwaukee Bucks are in an interesting situation with one of their youngest and potentially brightest young stars in Jabari Parker On one hand Parker is coming off a very serious knee injury to his ACL last December. The surgery and subsequent rehab from said injury is six to nine months. Parker had his rookie season in the NBA cut to just a mere 25 games because of said injury. On the other hand, Parker plays for a Bucks’ team whose fan-base is excited both about the on floor prospects and trajectory of their young franchise and the off court events of their team with the passage of a deal resulting in a new arena.

So how much should the Bucks play Parker in the early portion of the season? What should be the minute guidelines in relationship to Parker for the early portion of the season? The Bucks should play Jabari Parker no more than 25 minutes per night for the 2015 portion of this season. The Bucks may also want to trim his minutes down even further on the second half of back to backs.

By suggesting such restrictions I fully realize that following such guidelines will likely cost the Bucks a few games in the first half of the season and might therefore cause their playoff seed to be slightly lower. However, that is a realization I am ready to live with and accept. Likewise it is also a realization that the Bucks franchise and fan base both need to be ready to accept.

GMJohnHammondParker also did damage to his MCL in the injury last season as well as his meniscus. Damage to these three ligaments is called the unhappy triad. Due to the fact that Parker did damage to unhappy triad, he becomes two to three times more likely to have further knee issues latter in his career including knee osteoarthritis. Therefore in order for the Bucks to try to limit his further knee injury risk it would seem for the team to be wise and ease Parker back into action and gradually ramp him back up.

Bucks General Manger John Hammond has talked on multiple occasions about “building this team the right way” and “not taking short cuts on the path to making this team a championship contender”. Putting to many minutes on Parker, coming out of a serious knee injury could easily become a short cut.

I am not trying to rain on the excitement surrounding the Bucks right now, actually quite the opposite. The Bucks have one of the brightest young cores in the NBA right now. ( Parker is at the center of that core. Parker has shown a tremendous attitude about this city and franchise since before the Bucks drafted him. Parker, and the Bucks young core deserve protection and that does not include taking needless foolish chances with them early in this season just to win a few extra games this year.ownthefuture

The slogan that the Bucks have used since the transition to this ownership is own the future. The future is bright and Jabari Parker is a significant portion of that future. Parker is one of two possible current on roster options to be the face of this franchise not only now but in a few years when the team moves into a new arena. Sometimes owning the future requires a little patience. Jabari Parker is a valuable asset that deserves to be protected and taken care of, even if that costs a few losses this year. The philosophy of the Bucks needs to be less Jabari early in order so that there can be more Jabari down the road. A careful and cautious approach is the only responsible approach for the Bucks to take with one of the center pieces of their franchise both now and in the future.

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