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NXT 10-28-15


We would start off NXT with a women’s match, not a Diva’s match but a women’s match. Emma would make her way to the ring accompanied by Dana Brooke. Emma would take on Shazza, last time these two would face off Emma won and made her way to the main roster. Things have changed since then as Emma has a little bit of a mean streak as she showed while dominating this match. An early dropkick to the face would help her gain control followed by the Emma-Lock to put Shazza away. Proving a point to Asuka, she’s not scared of her.


Winner: Emma via Emma-Lock emma


And now time for the best tag-team in NXT Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. With these two you can already expect a 5 star match. Then add in Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa; is there a such thing as 6 star match?

Gable would start off the match against Ciampa, of course the crowd would go crazy. Each would go for different pinning combinations to the delight of the crowd. These two blew the house down, great technical wrestling by Gable as he made the tag to Jordan.  Ciampa would tag in Gargano with a double stomp followed by a kick to the face of Jordan. After a quick reversal Jordan made the tag to Gable, Gargano and Gable would go back and forth; Gargano would even hit a spear from outside the ropes. After both went down they would make a hot tag, in Jordan and Ciampa. Jordan’s straps would come down as he took it to Ciampa with tackles in the corner, he would go for the pin but Gargano would interrupt. Gargano would get Jordan by the ring ropes and spike him with a springboard DDT. Gargano would go for the pin but Gable would stop the count. After a quick turn around and the power of the crowd Jordan would tag in Gable and set up the lifting back-suplex. Like I said 6-star match


Winner : Jason Jordan and Chad Gable via lifting back-suplex gableandjordan


Nia Jax would have her second match in NXT as she would take on Kay Lee Ray. Jax would of course dominate. Vicious headbutts and elbow drops. Jax would use her body as weapon as he set up Ray for the canadian backbreaker. After a short comeback by Ray; Jax would pick up Ray for a spinebuster followed by a giant leg drop.


Winner: Nia Jax via Leg Drop niajax


S-A-W-F-….. Enzo and Big Cass would be attacked by Dash and Dawson before the match started. First throwing Enzo off the stage then followed by destroying the knee of Big Cass, doctors rushed to the ring after to help Big Cass.  


Next week as confirmed by Alexa Bliss, her and Blake and Murphy vs. Bayley and two partners of her choice.


From Smackdown back to NXT Prince Pretty would make his way to the ring to take on a angry Samoa Joe.

If you remember two weeks back during the number 1 contender battle royal, Breeze would eliminate Joe from the match after he was eliminated. Joe’s eyes would never Breeze no matter where he went.  Sensing Joe wanting revenge, Tyler would roll out the ring just to make Joe mad. Joe would roll out and chase him but quickly Breeze would enter back into the ring and attack Joe. In tribute to the late great Eddie Guerrero, Breeze would lay on the top rope. Joe would quickly get up and hit Breeze with a flurry of fist. This match would be in the favor of a angry Samoa Joe, Joe would use signature moves from the big boot followed by the running senton.

Total Nonstop Action from Joe, see what I did there… No… nevermind. Joe would set up Breeze for the Muscle Buster but Breeze would struggle out and hit Joe with the Supermodel Kick. 1-2 kickout by Joe. Tyler would get up but quickly get pulled back by Joe into the Coquina Clutch.
Winner: Samoa Joe via submission (Coquina Clutch)     samoajoeee  

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