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Buck’s Position in Preseason Power Rankings

The Milwaukee Bucks were ranked 12th in the preseason NBA power rankings by ESPN.

BuckslogoIn evaluating the rankings, I view the Bucks being ranked slightly lower than they should be and it’s also my opinion that a reasonable argument can be for the Bucks to be ranked in the lower portion of the top ten.

Seven of the top eight teams in the rankings are from the Western Conference, with the lone Eastern Conference representative being the Cavaliers, who were the conferences representatives in The Finals last season, so I have no problem with the top eight teams in the rankings.

The Bucks are currently the 5th team in the rankings from the Eastern Conference behind the Cavaliers, Hawks,  Heat, and Bulls. The reason I feel the Bucks should be ranked slightly higher is because the Hawks were doubted by many people all the way through a season that saw them win 60 games on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals where the Cavaliers swept them. The Heat appear to have an aging but talented roster behind the likes of Luol Deng and Dwyane Wade. Additionally, the Heat will need to put Chris Bosh back into their line-up after he missed a significant portion of the season last year with an injury. The Bulls likewise have their own injury concerns in keeping Derrick Rose healthy as he is already injured in the pre-season. Also, the Bulls have a new coaching staff and head coach in Fred Hoilberg.

kidd2Not that the Bucks are without their own concerns as the preseason opens, but they have their own question marks to address early in the season. These issues include getting Greg Monroe incorporated into the offense and seeing how Jabari Parker responds following an ACL injury last December. That being said, the Bucks will clearly have challenges but their roster is relatively healthy compared to their Eastern Conference competition. Secondly, Head Coach Jason Kidd will be entering his second season. He knows what he is working with and the talent he has on the roster. He also has an offensive and defensive system in place that the majority of his players are comfortable with.

The fact that the Bucks are ranked above most other Eastern Conference teams is a sign of respect based on the turnaround the team experienced last season. I feel the Bucks are ranked slightly lower than they should be. As a worst case situation, I view the Bucks ranking as fair with the NBA season opening this week.

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