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4 drivers are out!

This weekend’s race was at the big and unpredictable Talladega Super Speedway. Who got eliminated, and who is still in the chase for NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion? Who won at Talladega? Did a chase driver earn a spot? Did Joey did sweep round 2? Did a non chase driver win?

I will tell you all of that and preview this weekend’s race at Martinsville as well let you know what four drivers I think will make it to the next round, and how they got there.

joey-logano-daytona-500First the winner of Talladega was Joey Logano. Yes Joey won every race in round 2 starting with Charlotte, than went on to win Kansas (after spinning out Matt Kenseth with just hand full of laps left in the race.) So that means 11 drivers had to make 7 spots in the chase of points.

First driver out of the chase was Ryan Newman, he did not do enough in the first two races, and then did not have the finish cause of a controversy finish when Harvick and Trevor Bayne were involved in a wreck (one of them may have caused the accident on purpose or was it just a racing accident watch the replay and let me know what you think about it).

Second driver out of the chase is Denny Hamlin going in to Talladega sitting second in points with an 18 point lead over 9th place and first driver out of the chase, but with roof flip breaking something, and his team trying to fix it ended up going two laps down, not being able to get back on the lead lap than getting caught up in the Harvick’s wreck cost him a spot or two with two other driver’s that were also 2 laps down.

Third driver out is Dale Jr he did about everything he could do just came up a splitter short cause when harvick caused that wrecked Joey was still in the lead over Dale when the time of the caution at least that is what NASCAR saw on the replay and scoring loops.

Fourth driver out is Matt Kenseth he had to win the race to advance. Matt got up front a couple of times, but not for very long though, and was also taken out in the Harvick’s wreck.


Now that I told you who didn’t make it let’s talk about Martinsville and I think will win this Sunday’s.

JeffGordonposeChase driver I am going with to win this at Martinsville and be one of the four driver’s at Homestead Miami going for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion is…..Jeff Gordon. This is probably 1 of Jeff’s favorite tracks, and has done so good here over his career, with his last win coming just a couple of years ago back in 2013 in this race.

Non chase driver I would watch out for though is Jimmie Johnson he has just been as good as Jeff Gordon here, and with nothing to loose I wouldn’t be surprise to see him try to win and cause more stress on the rest of the chase field trying to win, or at least finish well in the next two races to go run for a championship.


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