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10 Things We Learned From NFL Week 7


1. Sad Day For Arian Foster

The guy is just unable to catch a break. After working his tail off to return from yet another injury, he came out of Sunday’s game with another injury: a torn Achilles. Foster has been one of the few bright spots for this Texans team. The season is definitely over for Foster, I just hope we will see him back on the field playing well in the future.


2. Gronkowski Has Competition for the Top TE Spot

Yes Gronk is an absolute animal, but there is an unlikely tight end who has emerged this year to compete for the top spot. Gary Barnidge of the Browns has been an animal this season, and seems to be matchup-proof. In his last five games, he has 459 yards and five touchdowns on 29 catches. Just to compare, in the same amount of games Gronk has only 439 yards and three touchdowns on the same amount of catches.


3. Dan Campbell For President!

The turnaround for this Dolphins team has been nothing short of amazing. He has been getting great play from his defense, and the offense was rolling Sunday as they led the Texans 41-0 at the half.


4. Chiefs Find a Running Game


After the loss of Charles, there was some panic among the Chiefs’ fans. On Sunday, Charcandrick West showed that he is able to fill-in during Charles’ absence. West gained 110 yards on the ground with a touchdown on 22 carries.


5. Cowboys Really Miss Romo

Another disappointing performance by a Dallas quarterback means Romo cannot come back soon enough. Cassel took over at quarterback coming off their bye and threw three interceptions to only one touchdown. Hopefully to return of Dez Bryant will help him some, but we will see.


6. McFadden Seems to be the Lead Dog in Dallas

While Joseph Randle dealt with an oblique injury, McFadden took full advantage of the carries on Sunday. He did so well that Jerry Jones has named him the starter for this week. McFadden finished with 152 rushing yards on 29 carries. This should quiet the Christine Michael hype for now, and McFadden will be a decent fantasy starter until he suffers an injury, which we all know is coming.


7. Houston Finally Has Clarity at Quarterback…For Now

Even though Hoyer played pretty bad on Sunday, he won’t have to worry about Mallett regaining the starting job. Mallett was cut on Tuesday morning after he missed the team flight on Saturday due to “traffic”. If Hoyer continues to be ineffective, the Texans may be forced to bring in another option.


8. Saints Teach the Colts How to Execute a Special Teams Fake

After last week, you would think the Colts would have stressed the importance of special teams and the need to execute over the past week. Well, they had another disappointing play as the Saints converted a fake field-goal by having Luke McCown pass the ball for 25 yards, just short of a touchdown.


9. Antonio Brown is Back!


After a string of disappointing performances, Brown caught six passes for 124 yards from Landry Jones. It also seems like Roethlisberger could play this week, so there’s lots to be excited about if you’re an Antonio Brown owner.


10. ACL Injuries an Issue

After Buccaneers WR Louis Murphy tore his ACL Sunday, he became the 34th player to do so this season. These type of injuries have always been present, but have become more and more common as the rules for hitting high become more strict. If you can’t hit high, you hit low. This results in a sharp increase of leg injuries, which although not fatal, are just as career damaging, if not more.

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