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WWE Hell in a Cell 2015 Preview and Predictions

So Hell in a Cell is upon us with the main event of Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker it’s sure to be a show to remember but who’s going to win and who will steal the show ? Here we will look at the matches and try to work out who comes out on top.




Intercontinental Championship

Kevin Owens vs Ryback

Can the Big Guy get the job done and regain the IC title? Well in my mind Owens’ character needs more protection. For the past few months KO has had some good moments noticeably the victory over Cena but since then he has stalled and the victory over Ryback at Night of Champions was a step in the right direction and a wrestler the calibre of Owens can bring prestige back to the IC title if giving enough time to grow as champion. Ryback is in a strong position he has the look and personality wise has been able to connect with the crowd. The fans are behind him more than anybody would have thought, long gone are the Goldberg chants. Expect a hard-hitting match with Owens retaining thank’s to some dirty heel tactics.

Winner: Kevin Owens






Tag Team Championship

The New Day vs The Dudley’s

Since returning the Dudleys have been on a roll and the only reason they haven’t become Tag Champs yet is thanks to Woods interference at Night of Champions and at MSG. Will it be different tonight? Only one thing bother’s me why after twice interfering has Woods not been banned from ringside with him about it might go the same way for the Dudley’s but on this night going for their tenth WWE Tag titles they will get the job done.

Winner: The Dudley’s







WWE Diva’s Championship

Charlotte vs Nikki Bella

With Charlotte winning the Diva’s title just last month I can’t see Nikki troubling her.The Bella’s have been a constant on WWE television now for over 2 year’s week in week out and it would benefit them if they were to take a break not only refreshing the Diva’s division but maybe breathing life back in the Diva’s revolution and giving someone like Sasha Banks a chance on PPV in a single’s match. No doubt this will be a good match and a figure eight is always great.

Winner: Charlotte







Hell in a Cell:

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

The feud between the two began at Money in the Bank in July when Wyatt cost Reigns the MITB match. Since then the Wyatt family has reformed and Reigns has had multiple partners in this war. At Hell in a Cell we are being told this is the end for now between these two. So one would assume that the good guy would finish on top in a 1 on 1 meeting but this being WWE don’t expect a Cell to stop outside interference. Reigns though after WrestleMania this year need’s a good rebuilding and a strong victory against Wyatt will get the fans believing again.What this does do to Bray and the Wyatt family is anyone’s guess.

Winner: Roman Reigns






WWE Championship:

Seth Rollins vs Demon Kane

The Demon Kane has been tormenting Rollins in recent weeks but I and many other’s are wondering is this feud good for Rollins? Let’s face it Rollins is the future and whilst WWE champion he need’s feud’s and match’s that enhance his reputation a reign like Orton in 2007 as opposed to a Miz title run(yes kid’s the Miz really was WWE Champion) there in lies the problem even though we are getting told Rollin’s is the man his treatment on and off-screen hasn’t been good so far. It’s tonight that we are focusing on and Kane at this time in his career might be looking at his last title match so at least expect a good performance by both men.

Winner: Seth Rollins





United States Championship Open Challenge:

John Cena vs ??

With all the rumours of John Cena taking a break after Hell in a Cell it would seem a certainty that he would be losing tonight but again this being the WWE they do like to take us by surprise.That being said who will challenge the champ tonight? I’m going to give three choice’s worse case scenario it’s the Big Show, middle of the pack choice would be Chris Jericho he would get a good reaction at least best choice would be Dean Ambrose since Orton’s injured his match at the PPV was cancelled so what better than beating Cena for the US Championship but anything could happen and with John taking time off he will lose the strap soon anyway.

Winner: John Cena







Hell in a Cell:

The Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar


What a main event! Brock’s go to hell tour end’s when he face’s the Deadman inside the Cell but this is so much more than a tour. What began at WrestleMania XXX with the beast beating the streak in the most shocking result ever has turned into a trilogy of violence. At SummerSlam in a really odd finish the Undertaker levelled the score against Lesnar even if the phenom tapped first.Well tonight in what is promised as the last ever meeting between the two it has to be The Undertaker who win’s. If he was to lose surely it would be the end of his career with the streak gone and the man who broke it defeating you 2-1 there is no coming back from it. Even though a loss for Lesnar would hurt him some what he could recover by taking some time off and when the Rock returned return, then and destroy him setting up a Mania main event.

Winner: The Undertaker

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