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The Next 4 Eliminated

They four drivers I think will miss the next round after theses three races will

1. Kurt Busch reason I said Kurt he has been good, but ever since his victory at Michigan back in June he has not had the cars he had early in the year he finish in, and around top 10, but I think that won’t be good enough to make it to the next round.BradKeselowski_2_2014_0

2. Brad Keselowski coming into this year it was suppose to be Penske vs Hendrick for the title, things started off great Penske winning Daytona 500 with Joey, and Brad winning Auto Club, but was just there for a while than started to pick mid July looking good, now they are a top 7-15 team I think they will have some kind of trouble to be eliminated.

RyanNewman3. Ryan Newman he is trying to do what he did last year which is point race, it might have got him close to a title last year this year it will cost him it gonna take winning races, and well Ryan or RCR hasn’t done that in a long time so he gonna miss out on rest of the chase by trying point race instead of just winning races.

4. Kyle Busch yes, I think the all power Joe Gibbs car is gonna take an exit in this round, but not because he mid pack finisher I think Kyle will have bad luck at these three tracks Talladega, and Kansas missed early this year because of his leg injury, and Talladega is always a hit or miss for Kyle, and Charlotte will be a decent finish, but it won’t help him get to the next round of the chase or a championship this year.

Who do you think will win and make it to the next round, and who you thing will be eliminated in the next three races?

Article written by D.Wells

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