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Stone Cold Podcast : Brock Lesnar


StoneColdPodcastLesner1Stone Cold has been doing his podcast’s since April 2013 and in over 200 episodes I couldn’t remember a more anticipated guest then the Beast Brock Lesnar .What did we learn and did the network special deliver?

Well it started very slowly and felt a bit like a date between Steve and Brock talking about his favourite food and drink (Lesnar mentioned Coors lite was one of his favourite’s referring to the time in UFC he said that in an interview Coors was much better even though they were sponsored by Bud lite). Some of the questions about guns and music were quite boring but it was just Austin’s way of getting Lesnar warmed up to the more difficult questions later on.

Lesnar told us how he grew up on a farm in rural South Dakota and it was difficult growing up when you had to milk cows all the time and live that way. He grew up with his two older brothers and one younger sister. A valuable life lesson was that he had to work hard for what he had. Austin’s first big question was about if Lesnar saw himself as a wrestler or sports entertainer when Lesnar said he was in the entertainment industry and he never watched wrestling as a kid, Austin looked visibly annoyed. Quite surprising Brock admitted after quitting the WWE in 2004 to try NFL training he was out of his depth after just two days.

They covered Lesnar’s school and college years where he joined the wrestling team at Minnesota. After winning the NCAA at amateur wrestling the WWE came calling and Brock decided to become a pro wrestler. In OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling,WWE’s development league at the time) Lesnar was one of the four future WrestleMania main eventer’s alongside Randy Orton, Batista and John Cena. Brock teamed up with Shelton Benjamin as the Minnesota wrecking crew but was soon drafted to the big time and in April of 2002 would début on Raw with Paul Heyman as his manager. Mr Perfect and the Big Boss Man were big fans of Lesnar. He also said the Minnesota connection helped him and he learned about how to put a match together by riding with them. The Rock had said to Lesnar to be selfish and to take every opportunity and when the Great One gave him the chance, Lesnar took it by beating the people’s champ for the WWE Championship.rockvsBrock

Brock said the road for the first year was drinking and woman and said it got too much for him. Lesnar explained his character hasn’t changed on TV and it’s basically him and said he doesn’t like people. Austin wondered if it was a phobia but Lesnar just hates people, that’s why he lives in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a fence! I never thought Lesnar was a people person to begin with. Austin brought up the botched shooting star press at WrestleMania 19 when he landed on his head. Lesnar and Austin both agreed he was lucky but Lesnar mentioned he should have been selfish and that a road agent had asked him to do it for a “WrestleMania moment.” Moving on to Wrestlemania XX Brock seemed a bit miffed at Austin for bringing up Goldberg and he should it was Lesnar’s worse match ever. Brock explained to Stone Cold that he doesn’t remember numbers of WrestleMania’s or events. Lesnar looks at the wrestling business as a business but Austin made a point he forgot stuff he’s done but still recalls big moments like being special referee in that match at WrestleMania XX, Austin asked why the match was so bad and Lesnar said he didn’t give a beep. He then went on to say he wanted to leave and had enough of the business after just two years and Lesnar explained he never got on with the boys in the back.

The only question Lesnar didn’t answer was who sued who between him and the WWE .When Brock left WWE he broke his contract so it was put in place Lesnar couldn’t wrestle in America for ten years (Lesnar won the case eventually) and that’s why he went to Japan to wrestle. In Japan Lesnar got the opportunity to try his hand at a shoot fight and in his first match for K1 Lesnar won. After this Lesnar had a meeting with Dana White (UFC president) and asked for a chance to prove himself. They talked about Lesnar’s fight’s in the UFC and becoming the only man to be NCAA Champion, WWE Champion and UFC Champion. His UFC career was cut short due to diverticulitis (a disorder which eats away at your immune system) Lesnar knew he couldn’t fight at 100% anymore. When Lesnar was asked how he mended things with McMahon the infamous moment when Austin left the WWE in May of 2002 after being told he was putting Lesnar over was talked about. Stone Cold has always been honest about this and said it made more since at a PPV. I Lesnar said there’s two people at fault and said he didn’t need an explanation, then joked all he knew was Austin didn’t want to lose to Lesnar. It’s a two-way street now in WWE Lesnar thanked Dana and Vince for putting money in his account.BrockUFC

Stone Cold asked about his promos in UFC which were entertaining but Brock said they were from his heart in the heat of the moment and in the WWE he had to feed the Jew! (Heyman) and Brock spoke about how much Heyman has helped him. Lesnar finished the show by explaining he doesn’t care what people think about him and when asked how much he had left in the tank he said he’s enjoying himself and making good business. He remarked leaving the WWE made me a bigger star in the first place and if you don’t work hard you will get nothing back.

Overall it was a really enjoyable watch. Austin is such a good host letting the guest speak and trying to get an answer for every question. Lesnar was  more open than I excepted and seemed to enjoy himself and answer with honesty. Apart from the opening ten minutes where they were just warming up it was a really enjoyable watch and can’t wait for the next Stone Cold Podcast on the WWE Network.


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