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Kansas City Royals: Farm Grown

Dayton-MooreIn the food world, the best food comes from the first pick. There are two ways to get first pick: You buy it or your grow it. In MLB, we have seen the teams that are bought and the huge payrolls that come from that. What is a small-market team to do to compete with the rolling dough of big-market teams?

Well, in the Kansas City Royals’ case, they grew one of the best teams, and it all started in 2008. Eric Hosmer, Salvador Perez, Mike Moustakas, Greg Holland, Danny Duffy and Kelvin Herrera were in some form or fashion teammates in the minors. These ballplayers have cultivated a camaraderie.

AlexGordonWhile it seems to those who do not understand baseball that the Royals have come out of left field, the truth is that this has been a pre-planned and very calculated harvest.

Some others from the Kansas City Farmers Market are Jarrod Dyson, Alex Gordon, Lorenzo Cain, Terrance Gore, Christian Colon, Paulo Orlando and Luke Hochevar.

For those of you who like numbers, that is 13: While Holland is hurt, the rest are part of the 25-man roster, so that is 12 out of 25. That’s 48% of the roster that is home-grown, and they are in the ALCS. What other team has the next highest percentage? Is this the recipe for success? For the Royals, it has been a farmed-fresh start and the creation of contenders to be harvested.

And now is is time to reap what you sow. As the Royals are on the brink of making the World Series and bringing the biggest prize in baseball back to a small rural community in the middle of the heartland, Kansas City Missouri.


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