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NXT 10-21-15

WWE NXT 10-21-15


Another week here at Full Sail University and another day to see the future of the WWE.


Asuka the new signee to NXT would make her way to the ring. Billie Kay would make her way to the ring met by Askua gonna kill you chants; the match would go on. Billie Kay would start off on the right track as she took advantage of Asuka putting her hand out to shake. But as everybody knows “Asuka’s gonna kill you” and she did just that with a flurry of kicks and a variety of submissions. Asuka would lock on the Asuka lock as Billie Kay would tap out.


Winner: Asuka via Asuka LockAsuka-NXT-645x370


Prince Pretty would appear, hey aren’t you on SmackDown. Well Tyler would talk about taking Samoa Joe out of the battle royal. Breeze stated if Joe wants him then find him. * cough cough Bray Wyatt Copy Cat


HOW YOU DOING, Enzo Amore and Big Cass would make there way to the ring as they would take on Dash and Wilder. If we date back to late week, Dash and Wilder stated to make an example out Enzo and Big Cass to prove the deserve a tag team title shot. In a match where Enzo was beat down, isolated in a corner and not even tag in Big Cass. Enzo would win with a small package pin. Out of anger Dash and Wilder would attack Enzo followed by Big Cass when he tried to get involved. Sadly that would only set up the Shatter Machine on Big Cass. Looks like a big message sent to the tag team champs.


Winners: Enzo Amore and Big Cass via small package roll up.big-cass-enzo-amore-e1410812457154 (1)


Eva Marie would package a video saying does anybody miss her…. NOOO next subject


Danny Burch would make his way to the ring, as we await to see who he would job too.

TO THE SURPRISE OF EVERYONE JAMES STORM MAKES HIS NXT DEBUT. Early in the match Burch would take advantage of the newbie Storm. Storm would turn the match around with a neckbreaker that was the beginning of the end.  Storm would set up Burch for the eight second ride. “Sorry about your damn luck” Danny Burch.


Winner: James Storm via: Eight second rideJamesStorm


In the next match the beautiful Alexa Bliss would come to the ring along with Blake and Murphy.

She would go against Peyton Royce. Bliss would look impress in the match with stomps to the face and walk literally across Royce. Royce would come back with kicks to the face along with big boots and other moves that have to do with your legs. That would be short lived as Bliss would go double knees to the back of Royce which would set up The Sparkle Splash. After her win Bliss would address that she will be coming for the women’s championship that Bayley has. Bliss stated it doesn’t belong to someone like Bayley.


Winner: Alexa Bliss via Sparkle SplashAlexa


In our main event The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin would face his former teammate Rhyno.

It’s bad blood between these two as last week Corbin would eliminate Rhyno from the Rumble match. Rhyno would remember and take his frustration out on Corbin. Punches and kicks to Corbin would be devastating. Corbin would roll out the ring which worked in his favor; he would throw Rhyno into the steps. Rhyno would roll back into the ring before the ten count. Corbin would whip Rhyno into the ring post multiple times and isolate him in the middle of the ring with a side headlock. From the sidelock into a side slam. Corbin would put Rhyno’s head in between the ropes, He would go for a big boot but Rhyno would reverse and get Corbin outside the ring and throw him into the ring steps. Rhyno with all his momentum behind him and Goreeeeeeee Corbin.  1…..2…. Kick out. Rhyno couldn’t believe it as he would set for another Gore; only it would be The End Of Days for Rhyno.


Winner: Baron Corbin via End of Daysbaron-corbin
We would cut to the camera on Samoa Joe. Lets just say he gonna make Prince Pretty un-pretty.  

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