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With the Hell in a Cell PPV fast approaching and the hype building to Lesnar vs Undertaker it’s interesting to note that it’s not the first time these two titans have met inside a Cell at an October PPV. In a new feature we take a look at what was happening this month in wrestling history.



WWE Battleground 2013 (October 6th)

Featuring one of the most emotional matches for the Tag team Championships it was the Shield vs Cody Rhodes and Goldust in the story line the Shield were acting as the Authority’s lackeys and when Dusty Rhodes had a few unkind words to say to Stephanie she fired him but if they could win the match they would be reinstated. Loads of great tag team wrestling a really emotional ending and a great crowd fully behind this match. It was the first time the Shield had lost a big match on PPV.



WWE No Mercy 2007 (October 7th)

The WWE Championship changed three times this night with Randy Orton being declared WWE Champion by Mr Mcmahon at the start of the show due to John Cena’s injury. Triple H came to the ring and challenged Orton for the title right away, so the match started and Triple H stunned Orton with a roll up to become the new WWE Champion but that was just the start for Triple H. Up next he faced Umaga and after taking lots of punishment managed to hit a pedigree for the 3 count. In the main event it was Orton and Triple H in a last man standing match for the gold after a brutal encounter Orton hit an RKO through the announce table to win the WWE Championship twice in one night.




No Mercy 2002 (October 20th)

Brock Lesnar vs the Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell sound familiar? Back in 2002 the next big thing was just getting started in the WWE having debuted that year and was coming of the destruction of the Rock and Hogan. The WWE Champion was defending against the dead man. In what was one of the most brutal WWE matches, these two behemoths beat the living hell out of each other and even Paul Heyman was busted wide open .Brock got the pin with a lung busting F5 and the beast would continue to dominate this contact sport for the next decade. On another note don’t ask Triple H about Katie Vick!


Badd Blood 1997 (October 5th)

Not only the debut of a main stay in the company but the first ever Hell in a Cell match between Shawn Michael’s and the Undertaker. In what was a historic night the phenom and the showstopper went toe to toe in and out of satan’s structure with HBK climbing to the top of the Cell for safety. Only for the Undertaker to throw him of the side through an announce table.Undertaker was in complete control and just as he signalled for the tombstone the lights would go out and Kane would walk down to the ring rip the door of its hinges and tombstone Taker costing him the match the heart-break kid crawling out of a pool of his own blood managed, to get the pin.


Halloween Havoc 1997 (October 26th)

Over in WCW at the same time one of the greatest matches was taking place in Rey Mysterio Jr and Eddie Guerrero. You had two men who were respected throughout the industry with both men having such a great heritage and chemistry things really clicked in Las Vegas.With Eddie playing the despicable heel and Rey as the beaten down baby face this match is a perfect example of wrestling done so right.


WWF Monday Night Raw 1993 (October 4th and October 11th)

After Shawn Michaels had vacated his Intercontinental title a Battle Royal was made to take place on Raw with the final two facing off the following week. In what was one of the most memorable battle royals Razor Ramon manged to withstand a 3 on 1 assault to get his title shot in his way would be the Model Rick Martel and these two men tore the place up until the “Bad Guy” hit his Razor’s Edge for the pin and to become new Intercontinental Champion.

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