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From 40-1 to 5-2

The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook had the Cubs at 40 to 1 to win it all before the season started. Those odds improved dramatically throughout the season and had improved to 5-2 following the NLDS triumph over the Cardinals. The Cubs were 8-5 favorites at MGM’s book early Wednesday and William Hill bookmakers had the Cubs at 9-4 up from 50-1 a year ago. CT MET-AJ-1-KASS-CUBS.jpg

As of Wednesday, less than 24 hours after Chicago ousted St. Louis, the best team in baseball in the regular season, from the playoffs the Cubs are now the favorite to win the World Series atop the betting lines at sports books and Internet gambling sites in mid-October. No, you did not read that last sentence wrong, they are the favorite. To give credit where credit is due, the Chicago Cubs were the third-best team in baseball this season when it comes to wins and losses in the regular season, so real baseball fans should not be shocked.

But, these are the Cubs we’re talking about here. We know they’re good. We know they’ve earned it, in arguably the best division in baseball, and in 5 total play-off games they have single-handedly taken out the other two teams in the division. With all of their kids and there one-of-a-kind manager, they’re a lot of fun to watch. It’s just so strange to see the team known as the lovable losers for so long finally in this position, I almost think I have been “goated” (I couldn’t help it) into believing in this team.

140516_cubs_win_lgThey only have a maximum of seven games to go, and a series win over the ??? to represent the National League in the World Series. Bookmakers figure to lose big if the Cubs pull it off and finally win the World Series for the first time since 1908 because the Cubs attract heavy action year in and year out regardless of how good, or how bad, they’re expected to be.They attract even more when they’re good.  It’s fun to put a little dough on a long shot and hope it pays off big, which is something Cubs fans and others have been doing for years figuring this just might be the year it pays off.

This year, it might actually happen!

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