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Schwarber’s Shot Sits Atop

There have been so many symbols of bad luck over the past 107 years with this franchise. It’s about time they found something that might finally bring them good luck in the playoffs.schwarberBallLanded

Schwarber’s monstrous home run did eventually land, the Cubs verified the ball, and have determined it will remain on top of the video board for the remainder of the postseason. The Cubs made a plastic case to encase the verified ball to protect it from the unpredictable Chicago weather. The Cubs have also announced that the now protected historic baseball will remain on top of the newly constructed scoreboard until the Cubs postseason run is over.

The Cubs have not only returned the baseball on top of the scoreboard but also have placed it to its original landing location on top of the board. The Cubs said they will decide what to do with the ball after the season, but wanted to leave it there for now as a memento of the Game 4 win.

New-sign-696x412But, for those of you with evil intentions, or if you have the sudden uncontrollable urge to jump on top of the video board, remove the ball from its protective covering and throw the ball back, be ye fore warned. Anyone who needs to get on top of the video board will be escorted by a security guard, so don’t get any bright ideas, Cubs fans.

The whole idea is pretty awesome. The Cubs have been carried by their young hitters in the postseason, and Schwarber’s huge home run already stands out as one of the team’s best moments. Since it was crushed, and landed in a significant area, the club might as well celebrate that.

It might even give the team a Schwarber shot in the arm.

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