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#FeelgoodFriday Disappointment to Delight

Kauffman Stadium on Wednesday night saw The Houston Astros’ season come to an abrupt end. They ran into an ace pitcher who the Royals gave up 3 players for in order to get him for just this sort of occation in Johnny Cueto. Javier BracamonteBut, the Houston Astros, this years Cinderella team, were able to push the Kansas City Royals, last years Cinderella team to a game 5 at Kauffman Stadium. This fact made a lot of Kansas City kids very happy.

I have never been a professional athlete, so I can only imagine how tough it must be losing a do-or-die game like the Astros did. Not to mention the fact that coming to grips with the idea that the baseball season you poured so much of yourself into is over until next season.

One guy who didn’t let disappointment ruin his night was Astros bullpen catcher Javier Bracamonte. He didn’t leave the bullpen with his tail between his legs. In fact, according to an account from Royals fan David Dahmer, Bracamonte didn’t leave the bullpen with anything. He completly emptied his bullpen bag, giving every single baseball and piece of gear he had to children in the stands. The stands of the team who just moments before beat them and ended their season, Royals fans.

In fact, the gesture made such a positive impression, that Royals fan David Dahmer went home and made a Facebook post about it. And Facebook did what Facebook usually does, it got people to comment on it. But, according to those comments left by several Royals fans who attended games 1 and 2 at Kauffman Stadium, that was not the only cool gesture Bracamonte did. Earlier in the series, Bracamonte was spotted playing catch with kids in the Kauffman Stadium stands as well. Bracamonte, 45, has been the Astros’ bullpen catcher for 15 seasons. He’s a former infielder who, for a time, was signed by the New York Yankees out of their Venezuelan baseball academy.

javier-bracamonteAs the Facebook post by Dahmer started to get attention on the web, Bracamonte saw it and actually commented on the post. It read:

“Thank you so much Sr that what baseball is about I just a kid come from venezuela to play baseball to USA my dream come true working for the houston astros and wan be sure the kids really enjoy come to a Mlb game that why I’m really enjoy playing catch before the game with them put a big smile on those kids.”

This is the kind of thing baseball should be known for. Playing catch with fans in the stands, and throwing souveniers into the crowd, not flipping bats in the air. Problem is, the unsportsmanlike bat flip will get a ton more attention than all the generous ball tosses.

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