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NXT 10-14-15

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After the heels of the great network special, NXT TAKEOVER RESPECT. We see the champ make her way to the ring after what I’m going to call one of the greatest woman matches in history. The fans would show respect by saying ” Match Of The Year”

While in the ring Bayley would recap on NXT TAKEOVER and her match with Sasha Banks. While a pause in her speech she would be interrupted by Alexa Bliss; Bliss would be accompanied by Blake and Murphy. Alexia would state her claim for the title, and actually rip the title out Bayley’s hand. Bliss would say “people like you aren’t meant to be champion”. As she stared down Bayley and threw her title at her while being shielded off by Blake and Murphy.



Last week General Manager William Regal would announce the battle royal for this week. NXT superstars would state their claim on why they are going to win.


The NXT Tag-Team champions The Vaudevillains would make their way to the ring as they would take on the team of Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton. Dawkins and Aiden English of the Vaudevillains would start off the match. After quick ground wrestling by English, Dawkins and Fulton would isolate English in their corner. Dawkins would miss a splash as English would get the hot tag to Simon Gotch . The team would hit the Whirling Dervish.


Winner The Vaudevillains



Dash and Dawson would be backstage. If you recall the defeated The Vaudevillains in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team classic in a non-title match. The stated they are in line for a title shot and hinted at a match in the future with Enzo and Big Cass.


In the words of the Rock, finallyyyyyyy, we would see the debut of Nia Jax. She would take on NXT jobber Evie. Poor Evie as Nix Jax would throw her around the ring like a crash test dummy. Nia Jax looked impressive in her debut.


Winner Nia Jax



Eva Marie would cut a promo in Paris on how she needed a vacation from all her great matches. (Sarcasm obviously.)   


The main event for the evening would be a battle royal to determine the number one contender for the NXT championship.  Samoa Joe would be heavily targeted. But he would hang on. Apollo Crews eliminate four men all by himself early on in the match including the likes of Johnny Gargano. Baron Corbin would eliminate Zack Ryder, great to know Ryder is still getting buried no matter where he goes. Corbin would also double cross his teammate in Rhyno and eliminate him to the distaste of the crowd. The finally four Samoa Joe, Tyler Breeze, Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews. Joe would take it to Tyler Breeze and eliminate him with a big boot. Samoa Joe would almost be thrown out by Corbin but hold on. Tyler would grab the feet of Joe and eliminate him. Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin for your final. Corbin would wear down Crews and take him off his feet. Crews would get his second wind and give Corbin kicks to the head and a clothes line to eliminate Baron Corbin. Your new number one contender Apollo Crews.    


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