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10 Things We Learned From NFL Week 5


1. Aaron Rodgers Isn’t Perfect

I know I know, I’m just as surprised as you are! Rodgers’ streak without an interception at Lambeau finally came to an end Sunday against the Rams. To find his last interception there, you would have to go back to 2012, which is 1,043 days and 587 passing attempts ago. This was also his first three-turnover game since 2009. In that same span, Jay Cutler has accomplished that feat 12 times. The MVP spoke to the media after the game regarding his streak, “It was fun, a lot of fun. Have to start a new one.”


2. Johnny Football Will Stay on the Sidelines

Browns fans won’t (or shouldn’t) be chanting for Johnny Manziel anytime too soon. Josh McCown threw for 457 yards to lead his team to a big win over the Ravens. It seems like Mike Pettine was right, McCown deserves to be the leader of this team…for now.



3. The “Old” Guys Showed That They Still Have Game

Lots of veterans had a great week 5: Hasselbeck, Andre Johnson, Chris Johnson, Brees, Gates, and Boldin. The one veteran I really wanted to mention was Charles Woodson. He had never intercepted a pass from 1998 draft classmate, Peyton Manning, but he was finally able to Sunday. In fact, he liked it so much that he decided to do it a second time.


4. There Were Some Great Games

I said earlier in the week in my “Cover 3” article that I was excited for the games this week, and I was not disappointed! There were ten match-ups that finished as one possession games, and there were a total of three games decided in overtime! This is how football should be, and hopefully it carries over into next week.


5. There’s Some Lost Lions

Just a week after they should have beaten the Seahawks, the Lions get picked apart by the Cardinals. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough for the home crowd, Stafford was benched in the third quarter after throwing three interceptions. They have a chance to beat the Bears this Sunday, but if they don’t, Jim Caldwell might be looking for a new job earlier than expected.


6. Antonio Gates Has Returned

Gates returned on Monday night and made his impact instantly. He caught his 100th career touchdown on the Chargers’ first drive, then caught number 101 later on. He joins Tony Gonzalez (111) as the only two tight ends with over 100 career touchdowns.


7. Sad Day For Chiefs Fans

There was a lot to disappoint Chiefs fans on Sunday. The Bears scored a touchdown with 18 seconds left to take the lead by one point. Santos missed a 66 yard field goal as time expired that would have won it for them. To top it all off, they lost their stud running back, Jamaal Charles to another ACL tear. I have to say, this wasn’t just sad to Chiefs fans, but to the whole NFL. Charles is not just an amazing player during games, but he is an amazing person off the field too. Get well soon #25.


8. Giants On A Roll


Remember when the Giants started 0-2? Well, they are now atop the NFC East with a 3-2 record. Eli Manning put on a show during Sunday Night Football to help his team beat the 49ers. He finished 41/54 for 441 yards with three touchdowns and only one interception. They travel to Philadelphia to face the Eagles on Monday night.


9. “Deflategate Rematch”

Just a reminder: The Patriots play the Colts this week. I would say to expect Brady to play angry, but he has already been doing that.


10. Gary Barnidge is a Beast

It’s easy to catch the ball with your hands, so Barnidge decided to catch it with his legs! They may very well be the catch of the year. He also finished the game with 8 catches for 139 yards and a touchdown.


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