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To start off the night we would go to the semifinals of the Dusty Rhodes Classic. The awe inspiring Finn Balor would make his way to the ring along with his partner the Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe. They would take on the cinderella team of Dash and Dawson. Going into the match Dash and Dawson weren’t looking like the underdogs, They would use cheap tactics and try to take out Balor first. Using great tags Dash and Dawson would systematically take down Joe. Well that was until Balor received the hot tag as he would take down both Dash and Dawson. Balor would go for the Coup De Grace early on but Dawson would chop block his knee and no pun intended, takeover. Dash and Dawson would make frequent tags and attack the right leg of Finn Balor. After finally getting to his corner, Balor would tag Joe. Joe would heat up and take it to Dash. Joe would set Dash up for the Muscle Buster followed by tagging in the injured leg Finn Balor. Balor would hit the top rope and hit the Coup De Grace for the win and to advance into the finals.


In the next semifinals match we had the next World’s Greatest Tag-Team remix Jason Jordan and Chad Gable would take on Rhyno and Baron Corbin. In a strength vs strength match up Jordan would start off against Corbin. Jordan would show off his agility. Corbin would tag in Rhyno as Jordan would show off his amateur wrestling background and then tag in the man Chad Gable. The crowd would sing a remix of Kurt Angle’s theme but instead saying Ga-Ble other than You Suck. Gable would impress the crowd with his great technical wrestling. That would go on until Rhyno and Corbin would use their strength, strikes and frequent tags would be the downfall of Gable. Rhyno would go to the tope rope and miss a splash. That would let Jordan get the hot tag. The straps would come down for Jordan but his momentum would be stopped by Corbin. After an impressive German suplex by Gable to Corbin, Jordan would attack Rhyno and get Gore’d. After coming off the ropes Corbin would hit Gable with the End Of Days.   



In a first divas match of the night Dana Brooke would take on the new NXT signee. Coming out to a loud crowd pop Asuka would make her NXT debut. Asuka would try to show a sign of respect no pun intended but Dana would decline. After a pat on the head and a slap to Asuka, Asuka would give Dana the donkey whooping of a lifetime. Kicks and slaps help Asuka keep Dana down but Emma would get involved and help Dana get on offense. But that would only last for a little while as Asuka would slap on submissions literally out of nowhere. After knocking Emma out, Asuka would use the Asuka lock to finish off Dana Brooke. After the match Dana would try to attack Asuka but only to receive a kick to the skull, poor Dana.  



Next week will be the debut of Nia Jax


Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze would make his way to the ring, again I say please WWE don’t kill his gimmick, he is the next Shawn Michaels. Nevertheless the impressive Apollo Crews would make his way to the ring. After a couple of tie ups and Breeze complaining Crews would go on offense first with a dropkick then a clothesline outside the ring. Crews would hit a suplex on Breeze but after a kick and taking the match outside the ring Prince Pretty would again no pun intend takeover. I HAVE TO TYPE LIKE THIS BECAUSE THIS WAS MY REACTION AFTER CREWS KICKED BREEZE IN THE FACE, THE LOUDEST KICK YOU WILL EVER HEAR. Not to be out done by Crews, Breeze would hit the super model kick only to get a two count. Breeze would show his aggressive side only for Crews to hit Breeze with a spinning jack knife power bomb.



The finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team classic, the winners to receive the Dusty Rhodes Cup. And to a surprise Finn Balor would start the match injured leg and all. Balor would impress and also hit Corbin with a dropkick before tagging Samoa Joe. Joe would slow down and Rhyno would take advantage of him. Moving Joe to corners, striking and frequent two count pins would help Corbin and Rhyno. Joe would hit a enziguri and tag Balor, Balor would jump off the back of Corbin and dropkick Rhyno, he would also hit a engizi in the corner. After gaining control of the match Rhyno would interfere and attack Balor from the outside. Powerful strikes after strikes until Balor connected with a sling blade. Joe would get the tag but just to be gore’d but Rhyno. Joe would kick out, Rhyno would set up again but Joe would reverse and set up Rhyno for a muscle buster followed by a Coup De Grace by Finn Balor. AND YOUR WINNERS OF THE DUSTY RHODES TAG TEAM CLASSIC : SAMOA JOE AND THE NXT CHAMPION FINN BALOR.

Awarding the team would be Cody, Dustin and the rest of the Rhodes family. With Cody Rhodes making a heart felt speech, he would remind us to keep the dream alive.


And your main event for the NXT Women’s Championship, A thirty minute Iron-man match, or should we say Iron-woman. For the first time in NXT history a women’s match as your main event, what a time to be alive. Women finally showing they can be just as great as the men. The challenger Sasha Banks would make her way to the ring, the crowd yelling for her on this big night. Next the NXT Women’s champion Bayley would come to the ring with the crowd chanting “women’s wrestling” and “main event”. This is awesome chants already five seconds into the match as Bayley and Sasha would tie up. Sasha would try to go for quick pins but after kick outs, Bayley would do the same. Back and forth early on in the match from both women. With Sasha down Bayley would help her up and they would shake hands just for Sasha to get a cheap shot in. Bayley would get aggressive with two dropkicks through the ropes. After ref got moved into the corner both Bayley then Banks would avoid hitting the referee. Banks would shield the ref with her body and poke Bayley in the eye. Banks would roll up Bayley for the first pinfall of the match.

Sasha Banks 1 Bayley 0. At the 19 minute mark Sasha would try to go for a move off the top rope but Bayley would reserve for a Bayley to Belly. Sasha Banks 1 Bayley 1. Sasha would takeover, I promise that is the last time I use that pun. Banks would use the steel steps and attack Bayley by her family. Banks would throw Bayley into the LED monitor. On her way back Banks with the ultimate heel move would steal Bayley’s little friend headband and make her cry to Bayley’s mom. Not joking the kid was in tears people. Sasha would make it to the ring and mock Bayley as she got the ten count. Sasha Banks 2 Bayley 1. At the 12 minute mark Sasha would lock on the walls of Jericho, Bayley would roll up Banks and get a pinfall much to the surprise of Banks. Sasha Banks 2 Bayley 2. Bayley would use various moves like a tree of woe into a springboard elbow. Sasha would be fed up and get in control of the match with double knees to Bayley. Bayley would again turn it around and attack Banks by crashing her hand into the steel steps and attacking the shoulder or Banks. Bayley would lauch herself off the steel step. The crowd would chant “this is wrestling” and “better than Raw”. Sasha would roll back into the ring while Bayley was on the outside. Banks would dive to the outside but Bayley would reserve into a Bayley to Belly on the outside. Bayley would hit Banks with another Bayley to Belly from the top rope but Banks would get a foot on the rope. Bayley would step up Banks again on the top rope, Bayley would go for a reserve hurricanrana but Banks would land on her feet and hit a Bayley to Belly followed by the Bank Statement. With 15 seconds to go Bayley would strap on a cross face and pull the fingers of Banks. Sasha Banks 2 Bayley 3.

In what was in my words one of the greatest matches ever, your winner Bayley.


Take notes Vince McMahon this is wrestling, this is NXT.     

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