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GregHolland1While the Royals prepare for the ALDS and the Houston Astros, one of their pitchers is sitting at home: closer Greg Holland. Holland had successful Tommy John surgery in late September. This time of year, if any other team lost a closer, there would be some massive scrambling to find someone else for the job. Not the Royals. The Royals have what most teams don’t have and desperately need: pitching depth. Holland is out, and Wade Davis has taken on the closer role. The three-headed monster is down to two. It’s still scary, and one I don’t think the Astros are going to be able to handle.

The Royals are not the same team as last year, and that may be good. They lost last year. The Royals and manager Ned Yost like to take chances. After losing a World Series, how many teams would have someone who missed a whole year step on the mound, rather than getting a free agent or staying with last season’s staff? But they did it with Luke Hochevar, who had a 3.73 ERA in 49 games this season. And not a single team would sign the very tall drink of water Chris Young (he’s 6’10” in case you didn’t know), who had a 3.06 ERA. He can start or go in the bullpen, which HollandFlagis a surprise factor, and that makes the Royals more dangerous.

Wade Davis will do the job. In all honesty, the Royals are the only team to be able to get away with not having their original closer. This series with the Astros will be a showcase for why the Royals are so dominant in the American League.


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