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NXT Takeover Respect Predictions


NXTNXT Takeover Respect will be live on the WWE Network Wednesday night. The Divas will be looking to steal the show again and it’s the culmination of the Dusty Rhodes Tag team Classic let’s preview the full card and make some predictions:



Apollo Crews vs Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze record at NXT Takeover events is abysmal he is 1 and 4 at Takeover events with one no contest so it would seem Crews would be favorite going in to the match. The former Uha Nation is so far undefeated and with his awesome athleticism the Full Sail crowd are already behind him but don’t count out Breeze one of the best talents on the roster he constantly delivers in the ring. One thing for sure this will be a fast paced cracker.

Winner: Apollo Crews




Asuka vs Dana Brooke

The Women’s division in NXT has added a new dimension in Asuka not only a huge star in Japan and respected world-wide her stiff kicks are a sight to behold and a character unlike anything else.Dana on the other hand started strong with victories and video packages but has fizzled out recently. The teaming up with Emma will help Dana become a better worker and it’s said she’s one of the McMahon’s favorites but it won’t help her on this night.

Winner: AsukarhynoTagTeam

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semifinals:

-Baron Corbin & Rhyno vs. Chad Gable & Jason Jordan

Baron Corbin is a future WWE Champion..seriously he has the build and the look the WWE loves. A former football player he is still in his infant years as a wrestler but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a good match his match with Joe at NXT Brooklyn was the best of his young career and the future looks very bright for him.Teaming up with a veteran like Rhyno is a great fit. Together the old and young powerhouses can compliment each other perfectly. Gable and Jordan have been entertaining recently and with their catchphrase are always Ready Willing and Gable they won’t get the job done at Takeover but look for gold in their future.

Winner: Corbin and RhynoTakeover-RESPECT_LIGHT_NXT_BalorJoeDashDawson-hp

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Semifinals:

The Mechanics vs. Finn Balor and Samoa Joe

The Nxt champion continues to team up with the Samoan Submission Machine and they are favorites going into this match. Balor’s personality has come on leaps and bounds since defeating Kevin Owens in Japan and is sure to be on the main roster in the upcoming months. Samoa Joe is a man who’s been there done that and seems more relaxed and focused now then he has in a long time. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder are an old-fashioned smash mouth tag team with the same type of style as Stone Cold and Jake Roberts, they should have a strong showing but Joe and Balor will be too much for them.

Winner: Balor and JoeDustyTourn

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals:

Corbin and Rhyno vs. Balor and Joe

Winner: Corbin and Rhyno

This prediction could be meaningless depending on what teams actually make it through. I’m going with these two teams and even though i have picked Corbin and Rhyno to win it could obviously go one of two ways. Firstly Balor and Joe win and celebrate Dusty Rhodes in a proper baby face way. On the other hand i see Joe or Balor accidentally costing the other the match leading to Joe beating down Balor and holding up the NXT championship. Either way Joe and Balor will meet soon no matter what the result.Sasha-Banks-Bayley-NXT-Takeover

Women’s Championship 30 Minute IronWoman Match:

Bayley vs Sasha Banks

Personally I haven’t been this excited about a match for a long time. Forget it’s NXT and forget their just so-called Divas these woman are two of the best WRESTLERS in WWE. Banks and Bayley had the best match of the whole SummerSlam weekend in Brooklyn and they have been given the main event slot this time round. The whole rivalry between Banks and Bayley has been about being the best and having the Women’s Championship.In the build up for this match Bayley and Banks have been seen training getting ready for the match giving it a real sports feel. I feel this will be a match we look back on in ten years and say how important it was in getting everybody to take the Divas seriously just look at Ronda Rousey the greatest athlete in sports at the moment the WWE have and should use her to push the Diva’s Revolution and in the Four Horsewoman (Charlotte,Lynch,Bayley,Banks) have a solid foundation to build to the future.With Banks on the main roster one would assume Bayley would win but with one statement Sasha could spring a surprise and you can Bank on that.

Winner: Bayley


So there we have predictions and you can post your own predictions in the comments or find me on twitter and let me know what your think AND I will bring you the NXT Takeover Respect Review Soon!!




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