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Madison Square Garden has long known as the mecca of sports entertainment and the home of the World Wrestling Federation dating back to Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund’s glory days. But on this night it belonged to one man, Brock Lesnar. Could he become a giant slayer and start his go to hell tour with a victory?WWE-MSG-750x340-1443999891

So MSG was the home of this show which many would consider a glorified house show but one of the things the Network is doing is showing events like this and making it feel special . The main card kicked off with a tag team match featuring Sheamus and Rusev versus Ziggler and the very over Randy Orton. Orton really has become one of the best WWE wrestlers knowing exactly how to work a crowd . It was a good way to start the show as the Ziggler and Rusev feud seems to be a long term thing and Orton and Sheamus coming off a rivalry so there was some good chemistry between the four of them. Ziggler was beaten down by Rusev and Sheamus who looked like quite a handy team until Ziggler managed to make the hot tag to Orton who came in hitting Sheamus with a powerslam and a vintage DDT as Rusev tried to interfere to no avail Orton dodging him and Ziggler hitting him with a superkick, after another one to Sheamus. The viper hit the mat signaling the winning RKO and victory for Orton and Ziggler, a fun way to start. After the match Rusev was shouting at Sheamus for the loss that’s when Mr. money in the bank had enough and decisively brogue kicked the Bulgarian Brute.msgZigler

In what was a continuation of the rivalry of Neville vs. Stardust. Both men have tons of potential but i hope Cody has a chance to shine again outside of the Stardust character. Some of Neville’s aerial offense is truly breathtaking the action in this match was back and forth until Stardust put Neville’s cape on and tried to fly off the top just like the man gravity forgot. But, Neville caught him in the gut and then after a superkick hit the Red Arrow, which is beautiful, for the pinfall. Backstage Renee Young was with Paul Heyman if there’s a better mic man then Heyman at the moment I haven’t herd them, the gist of it being Brock was ready to rock.

msgDivasThe divas revolution switched into gear next with a repeat of Raw’s six woman match of Team Bellas vs. Team PCB. The divas have been given more time with their matches and it could be seen on this show. They are learning how to build a strong match. Becky was isolated by Team Bella for the majority of the match until she managed a hot tag to Charlotte who came in and speared Nikki and was just about to put the figure 8 in when Paige tagged herself in. Team Bella took back control and it was Paige looking for the tag. At this point both Becky and Charlotte jumped off the apron to avoid the tag, payback for Raw where Paige abandoned them . Nikki took Paige out from behind and hit her rack attack for the one, two. three even the commentators can’t explain what’s going on with the divas at the moment.

msgJericoThe Intercontinental Championship was on the line next as Kevin Owens defended his newly won gold against the returning Y2J. Jericho did a promo beforehand making reference to Lance Storm in the crowd and the cheap pop for mentioning the Garden it was interesting to see these two men square off because Owens and Jericho’s path were very similar before they joined the WWE .The match began with both men testing each other but soon turned into a brawl Jericho took control early on, but Owens was soon back in it wearing Y2J down with a sleeper, They turned up the heat after a cannonball in the corner Owens then went for a senton off the top rope but Jericho managed to put his knees up and go for the Walls. KO managed to escape but was then hit with a codebreaker that would of been it if Owens had not put his hand on the bottom rope. Owens took back control with a superkick and attempted a pop up powerbomb which was nicely reversed into a hurricanrana then the Walls of Jericho. Just as it looked like Owens would tap he poked Y2J in the eye and rolled him up for the match winning pinfall; Owens retains his gold.

DudleysVSnewdaySpeaking of gold the Tag Team Championships where on the line next with the New Day going against the Dudleys. New Day started with a very good promo trying to save the tables. The New Day have turned into one of the most entertaining things in the WWE .The Dudleys were looking to become ten times champs and they started the match on top until Woods interference. The New Day then worked on Bubba using good tag team wrestling until Devon managed to get the tag in clearing the ring of Big E and Woods. A 3D on Kingston looked like the Dudleys were going to do it but Wood’s interfered again the same as he did at Night of Champions which cost his team the match, but not their Tag Team Championship.

Royal Rumble 2004 was the last time the Beast and the Giant had met with Lesnar destroying Show with a Chair. Now, Show was merely in the way before Brock could face the Undertaker at Hell in a Cell this time as well . Lesnar came out to a massive babyface reaction very much different to the last time he was at the Garden at WrestleMania XX. The Beast went for a double legged takedown but was thrown out the ring by Show smirking as if he was happy about the fight. Brock went back in with shoulder charges but the Giant was not moving and after he hit a few big punches and one massive chokeslam it looked like he was in control. Lesnar bounced back up from the first and the second chokeslam but after the third Lesnar had just enough energy to kick out. It was chokeslam city! Things were about to change as Show went for his Ko punch, Lesnar ducked and hit a german suplex on the big man. After another 3 germans, Show seemed ready to be put away. Lesnar hit the match winning F5 and started his tour of hell with a victory. In numbers there were 5 suplexes 3 chokeslams and one F5 in 4 minutes and just when we thought it was over Lesnar came back out and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex and another F5 to send a message to the Deadman.

msgCenavsSethMain Event time was upon us in the Steel Cage John Cena defended his US Championship against Seth Rollins this was the match of the night and the chemistry between Rollins and Cena was evident. Each man trusted each other with big moves off the cage including a bulldog and electric chair by Cena on Rollins but credit to Seth he hit his superplex off the top and was in control for most of the match after Cena had gone for a leg drop off the top rope and he turned it into a sitout powerbomb. Rollins is impressing me more and more each big match. A couple of great near falls were next with Cena hitting a springing DDT and an enziguri by Rollins in the closing stages. In a great exchange Rollins springboarded  into an STFU that was turned into a crossface but Cena powered out into an FU attempt. But Rollins landed on his feet and hit a low blow. It was Rollin’s title to win and as he reached the top of the cage. Kane’s music hit with Seth stuck on top not wanting to jump onto the floor, winning the match yet getting into Kane’s clutches so he choose a frog splashed off the top towards John, but Cena rolled out of the way and caught Rollins in the FU to retain his US gold. The night wasn’t quite over yet with Kane entering the cage and hitting Rollins with a chokeslam and a tombstone.

Overall it wasn’t the best show WWE has done but certainly wasn’t the worse even thought nothing of note really happened it’s always good to see a top class main event and I hope the WWE Network keeps giving us specials like this … Oh and to see Brock Lesnar take anybody to Suplex City on a show is worth the money alone Hell in a Cell here we come !!

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