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An Oakland WR is going to tear up the NFL

amariCooperDerek Carr was a very good pick by the Oakland Raiders two years ago.  A very poised QB with a solid arm and when surrounded by talent, he would be able to cause havoc for opponents defenses.  

Carr needs a target.  He needed a tall, fast, lengthy WR who can run crisp routes and go up and get the ball.  Well, that guy fell to them at number 4 and that player is: Amari Cooper.

Cooper is 6’ 1” 210 lb of pure athleticism.  After being a star at Alabama, where he caught 31 TDs and had 3463 career yards.  Cooper dominated at the college level and there was no doubt that he would be able to dominate at the next level.  The highlights from his playing days at Alabama are very enjoyable to watch.



The one thing I like about Cooper’s game is his yards after catch.  After making the catch, he is going to fight for the extra yards.  He will junk you or try and beat you in a foot race across the field.  You are going to have to work to take down Cooper.  

If I were a DB trying to guard Cooper, I would make sure he would not get behind me because if he does, it’s all over.  Once he gets you to stop your feet, he will burn past you and make you look silly.

amari-cooperCooper has already shown through three weeks just a glimpse of what he can do.  He has played against some good cornerbacks, especially Patrick Peterson ( who he burned a few times).  While it may get harder, for it is the NFL, Cooper is not going to disappoint.

Amari Cooper is going to be a very special player.  His speed and agility is going to make him a star and he has the right QB to do it.  Teams are going to have trouble covering him even with help over the top because he is going to find the holes in your defense.

As the season enters week 4, Cooper travels to Chicago where he has the potential for a big game.  The Bears secondary has been shaky to start the year.  And from here on out, Cooper will be making his case for Rookie of the Year.  This kid can play and when it’s all said and done, he may turn out to be one of the best WRs to ever play the game.  

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