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12 spots for 16 drivers this weekend!

Coming into this weekend 2 driver’s have clinched a spot into the next round of the chase those driver’s being Denny Hamlin, and Matt Kenseth both coming out of Joe Gibbs Racing, but the bigger question this weekend is who will be the first four driver’s out of the chase? We are going to look at those four plus two drivers that are barely in and how they should far this weekend.clint-bowyer-racing


First, Clint Bowyer is 16th in the chase needing a win, because he had penalty following the opening race at Chicagoland that put him on the out looking in. His likely chance to make the next round is winning tomorrow’s race at Dover.


Kevin+Harvick+2015+NASCAR+Sprint+Cup+Series+DSr7OmyeLQ-lSecond, Kevin Harvick is 15th in points, this is a huge shock coming into this season that he finds himself there being 23 points out, he can still get in on points, but will almost likely have to win if he want’s to defend his championship from one year ago. Reason he is in this spot started at Chicagoland on a restart Jimmie Johnson got a push from Joey L. Jimmie went down then coming back up got into Kevin’s left rear tire. Just a hand full of laps later the tire blew away and put Kevin in the wall he finished 42nd. The next week at Loudon he was in the lead with 3 laps to go and coming off turn 2 ran out of fuel. He ended up finishing 21st and one lap down.


Third, Paul Menard this is not surprising here as he has been a mid pack runner all season. Paul hasn’t had the finishes he wanted yet he is only 2 points from advancing to the next the round. He needs two things to happen; to have another mid pack finish, and one of the 12 drivers competing against him to have a bad finish.kyleBushWins


Fourth, Kyle Busch this is another shocker, but he just needs 1 point to knock out someone else in the top 12 to advanced into 2nd round of the chase. Kyle looked to be in good shape just about mid way through the Loudon race, then just about 9 laps later his car cut a tire and slammed into the wall. Kyle was able to get back out and pick up some points and have a shot without having to win to stay in the chase.


First driver that is inside of the chase is Dale Jr. He is 12th in points by 1 point, so the only thing he has to do is run his race, make sure nothing bad happens and he can move on to the next round of the chase.


Same goes for the second driver, Jamie McMuarry who is just a couple of points in the good as well, as long as he don’t have problems he should get to the next round with no problem.


Now, my pick to win at Dover this weekend is Carl Edwards who can be eliminated if he finishes in the back, but I think Joe Gibbs Racing will continue to run and win these’s races and Carl gets his first chase win with Joe Gibbs, to advance to the next round. The four driver’s I think that will be eliminated will be Clint Bowyer, Kevin Harvick, Paul Menard, and Jamie M. I think Kyle Busch and Dale Jr will do what they need to do to be part of the chase, and Jamie will come up just a little short of making it past the first round this year. So what are your thoughts?

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