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Deep in the Heart of Playoffs

What is it going to take for Texas to go all the way?
Team-Pic-RangersIn baseball it sounds trite, you need to hit the ball, throw the ball and catch the ball. Score more runs than the other guy and you win the game.  Do that for the entire baseball season and you get to go to the World Series and then score more runs and you Win the World series, the rules don’t change for the post season  it is still the same game.

In Ranger past we have seen either the pitching collapse or the bats go to sleep. What is going to be different this time around? This time we have veterans now, we have had veterans in the past. We have big bats now, we had big bats in the past, We got great pitching now, we have had some of the best pitching money can buy and in our hitter friendly park that is saying something. so what is it now that is different? What has changed?

For this Ranger fan the change is something bigger, in that the rules don’t change because its the post season The loose and relaxed attitude is much needed breath of fresh air. The motto never ever quit is not only a mantra but a command. What you need to do for game one on opening day you do for game one of the World Series.

It sounds crazy but think about it. As a manager you take the guys that you think are going to get it done. For this team it took a while to figure that out what was going to get it done but now we know, where everyone should be.

Jeff+BanisterThere are some Ranger advantages, one Jeff Banister, a National League guy, he is going to help navigate the NL and I think make better adjustments.  Cole Hamels and Yovani Gallardo has extensive experience on the NL.

The other advantage as been the DL, normally being placed on it meant a long road to haul to come back to MLB playing ability but in the case of Derek Holland and Josh Hamilton it has been working for the Rangers. Strong can do attitudes have gotten these guys ready for the post season in a short about of time.HamiltonCloseUp

The tests are coming depending how the Kansas City Royals play, the Rangers could go to play the Blur Jays or the Royals depending on who is going to get home field advantage. This is a match up of the titans and we are going to see some excellent baseball this post season from the Rangers while I won’t even predict an outcome it is going to be a fair fight.






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