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NXT 9-30-15

nxt-logoHow you doing, yet another week down in Full Sail University. Round 2 of the Dusty Rhodes classic would be on the card but, starting off the night we would see a bonafide thug, a seven foot giant and a diva who is hot as all get out, and you can’t teach that. Enzo and Big Cass would make their way to the ring along with Carmella. Enzo stated to give it your all when going against them or you are in Big Cass words S-A-W-F-T. Speaking of soft, not because he is soft but because he looks like a big dangerous teddy bear; Samoa Joe would enter the ring. New music already, the NXT champion Finn Balor would make his way to the ring with his awe inspiring entrance as usual.EnzoCassCarmella

Samoa Joe and Big Cass would start off the match, the highlight of the match had to be early on when Samoa Joe drug Cass outside the ring. Enzo who try to hit an outside dive but Finn would grab him, Enzo gave Finn a clean shot to the face and take off with Finn behind him. Enzo would go through the rope and tackle Joe while Balor would hit a front flip onto Big Cass. In a impressive match from Big Cass he would dominate. Hitting both Joe and Balor with a big boot, then hitting Joe with a spinning slam with would set up for Air-Enzo. 1-2, Joe roll over and set Enzo on the top rope. Muscle Buster then the Coup De Grace. Finn Balor and Samoa Joe would move on.


Winners Samoa Joe & Finn Balor via Muscle Buster and Coup De Grace.JOEBALOR


Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa would be backstage talking about how they are disappointed in losing in the Dusty Rhodes Classic but would be interrupted by Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze. This would set up Breeze vs Ciampa later in the night.


But first we would see Johnny wrestling (Gargano) take on the Apollo Nation which is Apollo Crews. In what was a action packed back  and forth match. Apollo would hit Gargano with the hardest dropkick known to man; Gargano would roll out. Crew would try for a outside dive but be cut off, as Crew tried to make a move off the ropes Gargano would spear him diving inside the ring. Later in the match Apollo would turn Gargano’s face-lock into a suplex. Crews would hit a clothesline then finish it off with a standing moonsault.

Winner Apollo Crews via Standing moonsault.Apollocrews


William Regal would announce Dana Brooke vs. Asuka for NXT Takeover Respect on Oct. 7th.


Dana and her teammate Emma would make their way to the ring as they would take on the team of  Billie Kay and Peyton Rice. Early on in the match Kay and Rice would take control, yep the rookies would take control. It would seem as if Dana was thinking of Asuka was she would later take her anger out on the two. Emma would trap Kay for several minutes. After a tag to each teammate Dana would his Rice with the Cradle Shock for the win.


Winner Dana Brooke & Emma via Cradle ShockDanaEmma


Gable Jordan or the world’s next greatest tag-team as I call them are backstage and seen arguing with The Mechanics.


Tommaso Ciampa would make his way to the ring he would face Prince Pretty himself Tyler Breeze. Side note please do not destroy his gimmick when he finally makes it to the main roster. This man rode Ciampa around in the ring like a horse, how is he not on the main roster. Aside from that Ciampa would control the match. Ciampa would strike Breeze with a lot of kicks and knees…. A Lot of knees and kicks . I’m starting to think Ciampa loves to slug it out. After another knee Ciampa would climb to the top rope but gets caught. Breeze would hit Ciampa with a huge dropkick. Tyler would fight on and hit the Unprettier for the win.


Winner Tyler Breeze via Unprettier.Breeze


Rhyno and Baron Corbin state the tournament is already over because the only ones who could beat them is them.
To cap off the night we would recap the rivalry between Bayley and Sasha Banks. They will take on each other Oct.7th in the first ever Iron-woman match. Can’t wait till TakeOver RESPECT.

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