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Let’s face it, as we get older our lives get busier and priorities change. There is always a friend who decides it is a good idea to get married on a Saturday in Fall. You arrive at the venue and, of course, there is no television. Very poor planning on their part and unavoidable on yours, forcing you to miss the game.weddingparty

By the time you have children, you can forget about parking on the couch every Saturday morning to watch College Gameday. Furthermore, Saturday’s are the prime time for soccer games, football practices, or birthday parties, and if you’re skipping out on these to catch your favorite team on ESPN, I would have to seriously question your parenting skills.iStock_000010911434XSmall-stressed-wife-husband-kids

But, the question remains, are you any less of a fan once you are unable to attend or watch your favorite team’s games?

The simple answer is no, you are not any less of a fan. It just means you have other duties to tend to such as ‘manscaping’ because your wife/girlfriend prefers you that way or having to spend quality time with the children.

Sure, the days of being up to date on each of Scout’s Top 300 recruits and memorizing your beloved Buckeyes (or Wolverines) depth chart may be over, but does not mean your fandom must suffer. You still have the ability to yell out ‘O-H!’ (or ‘Go Blue!’) at every opportune moment, but a three hour block of time on Saturday is few-and-far between once life happens.

It’s truly alright to miss out on the majority of a game if you need to go buy a new washer/dryer, get your oil changed, or fix the deck; not all fans have the time or resources to catch every minute of every game. Fans come in different shapes and sizes, and even employ several strategies throughout the season to keep them in the good graces of the sports God’s. But, one must be honest with themself, once you begin missing games for trivial reasons is when one needs to worry.

img_feature_premiumNow, with social media and sports apps, it’s easier than ever to be a decent fan. Smartphones give you capabilities never before seen prior to the mid-2000’s. Thirty year olds of the 90’s could never see the comeback while sitting in a wedding chapel, but now they can.

But, if your like me, you try to shield yourself from these portals in order to catch the game in its entirety via DVR. Though it’s tough to maintain, watching a game a few hours later keeps you in tune with your team while the children are asleep. It’s a great boost to your fandom, as well, when you can say you watched the entire game when shooting the breeze with your collegues at the watercooler come Monday.

So remember, just because you miss a game here-and-there does not necessarily mean you’re a bad fan, its just that your life is changing. As long as you continue to make the necessary efforts to be engaged with your team, then you’re good to go.


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