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Jerry Rice Jr. Gets NFL Tryout

riceJr.@ProFootballTalk reports that the Cleveland Browns tried out Jerry Rice Jr. , but have no plans to sign him now. Therefore, he’s set to sign with Montreal in the Canadian Football League.

Unfortunately Cleveland has no intention of signing Rice, which sounds like the pro football equivalent of an employer calling you down to the office only to tell you “You didn’t get the job.” Instead he’s heading further north than the AFC North, way further north.

In three college seasons at both UCLA and UNLV, Rice hauled in 20 catches for 155 yards and a touchdown. Plus he’s 5-foot-10. So, yeah, the CFL sounds about right. For many of us playing in the CFL would be a monumental accomplishment, but not for the son of Jerry Rice.RiceJr.withRedskins

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. But often times it falls and then starts to roll….and roll…… and roll some more. Example #1: Michael Jordan’s kid. Example #2: Michael Jordan’s other kid. Example #3: Pretty much every other kid whose dad was the GOAT. Enter Jerry Rice Jr., who just so happen to be one of those kids saddled with expectations that’d snap the world’s strongest knees. Still, Rice Jr. can ball well enough to at least get himself an NFL tryout with the Browns. It’s your call if that’s a better gig than his very short stint (as in zero games) last year with the Redskins.

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