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Do The Cubs Have Too Much Talent?

CubsCelebrate092715-1The Chicago Cubs are going to the postseason for the first time since 2008. Theo Epstein and Joe Maddon have helped this team get to where they are now, but the amount of talent is what made the season great. All the baseball heads know about Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Jake Arrieta because of their talent.


gettyimages-483885002-e1439909642181I was asked the question “Do the Cubs have too much talent on their current team?” My answer is no. “Too much talent” shouldn’t even be a thing. In my opinion, they have just the right amount. Joe Maddon is able to rest players and rely on other players to step up even though they might not normally play those positions. Kris Bryant has played in the outfield and even first base to give Anthony Rizzo rest. Kyle Schwarber, who was originally a catcher, plays in the outfield. Starlin Castro was benched in August but came back into the lineup and has had no problem playing 2nd base. Maddon is not afraid to make these moves because he knows the talent can work with what he gives them.

Joe+Maddon+Kris+Bryant+BjoJCYxN0LlmSo many players have tried new positions and have been okay with starting one game and sitting the next. The Cubs have a lot of good options for pinch hitters and lineup changes when they are needed. No talent is wasted with this team, they have just the right amount to spread around and that’s why this season has been so successful. Joe and Theo know what to do with the talent on this team and that’s why I can’t say that the Chicago Cubs have “too much” talent on their team.

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