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Prince Fielder King of Comeback

You hear the words herniated disk in neck, and cervical fusion. You think oh no he’s never coming back, or if he does how is he going to play with his neck fused together. For you medical geeks out there he had his C5 and C6 fused together to prevent a pinch nerve from affecting his arm. Recovery was three to four months. Surgery changes you, but for Prince Fielder case for the good.

The problem in his neck had been going on for some time and it was hurting him in other ways. It changed his attitude. The surgery and consequential break from baseball gave him a new appreciation of baseball and of life.

After spending last summer and fall off for the first time in his life. Fielder spent time with family and friends, like injured CC Sabathia, and this cleared his head. Being able to focus on his family, he remember why he got into baseball, because it was fun.

mitchmorelandreadytogoDuring this year Fielder also learned what it meant to be a better teammate and where he need to be. He told Ranger management that Mitch Moreland was a better 1st baseman and that the DH is where he needed to be. This shows  tremendous character. To care about the team instead of the the player, that makes you a great ballplayer in my mind.

As Spring Training approached this year, how was Prince going to be? Texas had only got a small sample of what he could be last year because of the afore mentioned surgery. Now Prince is up for the Esurance Bounceback player of the year. 2015 MLB Awards: Best Bounceback Player – Fielder

Fielder has a new appreciation of life and of baseball. He is no longer concerned about being perfect and prioritized what it is important. He works out four hours a day and is doing the most important thing a baseball player can do.

Having Fun!

FielderMorelandOdorWell, having fun seems to work for him, with impressive stats and an impressive attitude, always with a smile and has taken the younger Ranger’s players under his wing. He has helped the Rangers and himself into the playoffs.

The stats speak for themselves, .303 avg, .839 OPS, 26 HR and 86 RBI’s.

His great attitude is helping not only him but his teammates, he is helping the Rangers staying loose in this pressure cooker of September baseball.

The Rangers are winning the West and its thanks to the King of Comeback Prince Fielder!


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