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Swing For Your Seats; Our Friday Feelgood Story

Think you can hit a home run at a major-league ballpark?

Last season, the San Diego Padres asked this question of their fans, offering free season tickets to anyone with a powerful enough swing to hit one out of Petco Park. Now it’s the Washington Nationals turn to ask the same question of their season ticket holders while offering the same incentive.NationalsPark2

It’s all part of the Nationals ‘Swing for your Seats’ promotion, which will be held on a to-be-determined date during the offseason.

Per the rules, one person per ticket plan is eligible to compete. Therefore, if you intend to win those free tickets, now would be a good time to hold a backyard home run derby to determine your participant.

Here are more details, courtesy of the Washington Post:

Fans will stand at home plate and receive up to one swing at up to two pitches from an automatic pitching machine. The Nationals will provide wood bats and batting helmets and they’ll have the final say if there’s any dispute about whether a batted ball clears the fence in fair territory.

A few things to keep in mind if you are thinking about participating.

First and foremost, be ready to swing. The Padres had 1,000 turn out for their event. Those 1,000 fans left Petco Park with a combined total of zero home runs. Thus, the Nationals will want to keep the line moving.

Here is how far you would have to hit it.

Here is how far you would have to hit it.

Second, get accustomed to wood bats and find a size that fits you. It’s your one swing for glory. You don’t want to be the one that’s late on a pitching machine fastball because you’re trying to swing the heaviest bat there.

Lastly, the last line is not a throwaway. It’s a big one. We’d encourage participants to know the ballpark ground rules and be ready to kick dirt and challenge questionable calls.

There are also a few other small rules that make sure the people that are swinging for the fences, are actually regular joe fans, and not professionals or semi-professionals. Per the contest rules, “Division I collegiate or major, minor or independent league professional baseball players, whether past or present, are not eligible to participate.”So, in other words, if an old ballplayer owes you a favor, put his phone number away. You have not found a way to score free season tickets, this is all on you.

washington-nationals-stadium-logo-3-primaryAnd the reward is! Anyone who hits a home run will receive the full payment amount of his or her 2016 ticket plan, not to exceed $10,000. A $10,000 credit will be applied toward the cost of the seats for winners with ticket plans that exceed that amount.

According to the report, the Nationals will notify the primary account holder for every eligible plan with information on or around Oct. 5.

Unfortunately, the way the Nationals are playing and the way the season is taking shape, Nationals Stadium will probably be available for the contest much sooner than they had hoped.

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