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NXT 9-23-15


nxt-logoAnother week down in Full Sail University for NXT. And to start off the night we would see Ms. All Red Everything herself Eva Marie make her way to the ring. With all that red in her hair you would think she was from Compton instead of Concord. The announcers would bring up the controversial call from 3 weeks ago. Where we would see Eva Marie forgetting to kick out of a pin. Keep that in mind as that would be a main factor to this match against the most fabulous diva in NXT, Carmella  “How You Doing “. This match would start off fast and furious as Carmella would take it to Eva Marie. After a kickout Eva Marie would knee Carmella to take control. After a couple of taunts and controlling the match Carmella would take over, hitting Eva with a boot to the face then going for the pin. End of match right? donzo? 1-2-3 it’s over. Nope Eva would again forget to kick out as the ref claimed her leg was on the rope. While arguing with the ref Eva would throw Carmella outside the ring. The referee would count to ten  and that will be the match.eva marie vs carmella


Winner Eva Marie via Count Out



From a commercial I can tell you that Nia Jax debut will be coming sooner than we believed.


On the way back from break a promo would air giving the background to the main event at NXT Takeover in two weeks, where we will see Sasha Banks take on the new NXT women’s champion Bayley in a thirty minute Iron-man match. This match would be the first time we see two women in the main event for a pay-per-view and also the first time two women have been in a Iron-man match.


Tyler Breeze v Bull DempseyAfter their encounter last week, we finally see the match two weeks in the making. Bull Dempsey vs. Tyler Breeze. Tyler would try to avoid Bull, and lock him in a headlock. Bull Dempsey being bigger and stronger would pick Breeze up and ruzzle his hair a couple of times, this would anger Breeze. But his anger would get the best of him as Bull would dominate early on in the match. Tyler Breeze would take control and send Bull out the ring to get a breather. A count of nine and Bull would make it back in the ring. Tyler would take advantage, only for a couple of minutes then we would see the greatest thing in NXT, Bull Bulling Up. Shot after shot then a couple of tackles. Dempsey would climb the top rope, but Breeze would toss Bull down, pin him, and use the rope for leverage.    

Winner Tyler Breeze via pinfall



The general manager of NXT would enter the ring and the NXT Universe would get their first glimpse of the new NXT superstar Asura otherwise known as Kana. Asura would hype up the NXT crowd. But she would be interrupted by Dana Brooke and Emma. Dana and Emma would belittle Asura and make her leave the ring.


Camera would catch Tyler Breeze backstage and announce he will have a match against Apollo Crews at NXT Takeover. Crews would show up and tell the less than happy Breeze how happy he is about the match.


Our main event of the evening would be see Blake and Murphy take on the NXT Tag-Team Champions The Vaudevillains. Early in the match Gotch would hit the ropes as Alexia would grab his leg. Cue up the Price is Right theme, Blue Pants would run down the ramp and even the odds. Alexia would be chased all the way backstage. Blake and Murphy would control the match until English hits Murphy with a broke shattering palm strike to the jaw. After making a hot tag to Gotch, The Vaudevillains would take over as Gotch and English hit the whirling dervish for the win.blake and murphy


Winner Vaudevillains via pinfall.



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