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10 Things We Learned From Week 2

1. Peyton Manning’s Career is Not Over

peyton-manningPeyton was under a microscope on Thursday night with people questioning if he should even be the starter in Denver. The game started out rough with him getting hit often, and being rushed into mistakes. Once he moved back into shotgun, his line blocked better, and Kubiak gave him more control of the offense, he started to look like the Peyton we were used to. No, he wasn’t perfect, but quarterbacks rarely throw every single pass on target. Many people in the media have just blown up every one of his incompletions, which is unfortunate.

2. Johnny Manziel Can Win Games in the NFL

Johnny Football leads the Browns to victory?! Yes it was against the Titans, yes he looked erratic at times, but a win is a win. Manziel is not good enough to be a starter on most (if not all) teams in the NFL, but he can be a temporary quarterback for the Browns and win a few games. Unfortunately for him, it sounds like the Browns will keep him on the sideline as soon as McCown is good to go.

3. AFC North QBs Look Sharp

The AFC North quarterbacks put up great performances on Sunday. The four players combined for 1139 yards, 10 touchdowns, and only 1 interception. If you take those numbers and average it into one player: 284 yards, 2.5 touchdowns and .25 interception. In a normal scoring fantasy league where passing touchdowns are worth 4pts, the AFC North average quarterback would have scored 20.86 points which is a fantastic performance, and we are averaging four different guys!

4. Adrian Peterson Has to Work on the Fundamentals

Yes, he had 134 rushing yards with 58 yards receiving, but there are also some numbers that don’t show up on the stat sheet. Peterson had one recorded lost fumble for the game, but he actually had a total of three fumbles. So why aren’t they in the box score? One of his fumbles were lost, he recovered another, and the last fumble (which was on the goal line) was luckily negated by an off-sides penalty. After his fumble on the goal line, the Vikings chose to give the ball to the fullback for the touchdown. He had a good week for you at the end of the day, but he needs to fix this problem that has been haunting him throughout his career quick, or it could lead to him losing the trust of his coaches.

5. A Case of Fumblitis Went Around the League This Week

Last week there were 15 fumble recoveries in only 16 games. This week went a bit differently. There were 31 fumbles. You heard me! There were 31 fumbles! Teams seemed careless with the ball this week since they also threw 23 interceptions on top of the 31 fumbles. Last season there were 308 recorded lost fumbles. If the NFL keeps up with the pace so far this season, the league will finish with 368.

6. The Steelers’ Offense is REALLY Good

The Steelers has another strong offensive performance on Sunday when they put up 43 points against the 49ers. This offense has looked like one of the best in the league for the first two weeks, and need I remind you, they are missing three key starters. They will get their star running back Le’Veon Bell back this week, wide receiver Martavis Bryant will be back in week 5, and arguably the best center in the league, Maurkice Pouncey, should be back at the end of the season for the final push towards the playoffs. This offense is already good, but this could get scary.

7. Rookie David Johnson is a Dynamic Playerdavid-johnson-nfl-new-orleans-saints-arizona-cardinals-850x560

The Arizona Cardinals rookie running back has shown that if he gets the ball, he can make plays happen. He is currently averaging 75 yards per kick return. He is also averaging 8.4 yards per rush, 29 yards per catch, and he scored 2 touchdowns on his first 3 touches of the season. He entered the game on Sunday needing to earn the trust of Coach Arians, and it sounds like he is doing just that.

8. Playoff Contenders Struggle

There are currently nine teams that have an 0-2 record so far. While a couple aren’t surprising, most of these teams were thought of as potential playoff teams: Ravens, Lions, Colts, Saints, Giants, Eagles, and the reigning NFC Champion Seahawks. While it is way too early to write these teams off, there might be reason to panic a little. If these teams don’t change something quickly, they might be in a hole too deep to get out of.

9. Eagles Need to Reevaluate

All of these 0-2 teams obviously need to reevaluate, but it looks like the Eagles need it most. Their high-octane offense moved at a snail’s pace against the Cowboys this week. They have a total of 35 rushing yards between two games this season! For the amount of money they spent on bringing in two running backs in this offseason, that is unacceptable. Their defense hasn’t been anything to brag about either. The pass coverage has been embarrassing, and now it looks like they will be without linebackers Mychal Kendricks and Kiko Alonso for some time.

10. Cowboys Start the Season 2-0, But They’re in Trouble

The Cowboys are alone atop the NFC East, but it’s not all smiles in their locker room right now. Their star wide receiver, Dez Bryant,  suffered a broken foot last week, and now their leader, Tony Romo, has a broken collarbone. The timetable is about eight weeks for both of them at the moment. The Cowboys are far from out, but they will need to come together and keep this train on the tracks for them to win this division. On one bit of good news for them: Brandon Weeden came in and went 7/7 for 73 yards and a touchdown.

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