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Cover 3: Week 2


Philadelphia_Eagles_vs_Dallas_CowboysWeek one has come and gone, and we are already one game into week two. Hopefully your team won, you won your match-up in fantasy, and you didn’t waste your time watching Donald Trump in the GOP debates! It’s time to focus and prepare for the second week of the NFL season. If this is your first “Cover 3” article, I’ll briefly prepare you for what’s about to come. I will look through the schedule and pick out three games to cover (clever article name, huh?). Each game’s title will be pretty self-explanatory: Fantasy Jackpot, “Bad Blood”, and Must-Watch Showdown.

Fantasy Jackpot Game of the Week—Falcons vs Giants

This is not just a game of two talented offenses with fantasy-relevant stars, it’s also a game of two mediocre defenses! Last week the Falcons gave up 399 yards to the Eagles’ fast-paced offense, and the Giants gave up 436 yards to the Cowboys. Even though both defenses showed signs of potential last week, I think this game will ultimately be another offensively-dominated game for both teams. Both teams also had heart-breaking losses last week, so I expect both teams to come in to redeem themselves.

Can Julio Jones have a repeat performance?

The Falcons’ offense last week looked pretty good, especially on the stat sheet. Matt Ryan put up respectable numbers last week throwing for 298 yards and 2 touchdowns. He found his two favorite targets, Julio Jones and Roddy White, often to help them reach 141 yards with 2 touchdowns and 84 yards respectively. There were some question marks regarding the running back position before the game, but rookie Tevin Coleman helped to clear things up after getting 80 yards on the ground on 20 carries. These are the four players you can feel good about starting on the Falcons for me this week, and I think all will do well.

The Giants’ offense struggled last week, and that starts with Eli Manning. When Eli looks sharp, so does everyone else on the team. I don’t think he’ll throw a perfect game, he’ll get picked off, but he also will generate more offense then last week. He will force the ball to Odell Beckham Jr. much more than he did last week, even though I think the Falcons key on him. With all the attention directed towards him, it should help players like Randle and Donnell to find soft spots in the defense. Rashad Jennings will be able to run the ball better than he did last week, I think he finds the end zone. He is not the only running back with value on the Giants this week. After seeing what Sproles did to the Falcons last week, I think Shane Vereen is worth a start at flex since he will play as a dynamic pass-catcher out of the backfield for them.

“Bad Blood” Game of the Week—Cowboys vs Eagles

DeMarco Murray faces-off against former team

The “Bad Blood” Game of the Week is between two NFC East rivals. This will be the 113th meeting between these two teams (Dallas leads series 63-49). Just given this, it is obviously a historic rivalry that would be sure to impress on Sunday, but there is something else that will make this game a bit different that the others. The Eagles’ new star running back, DeMarco Murray, finished last season as the leading rusher in the league for none other than the Cowboys. He didn’t get traded, he was even offered a new contract by the Cowboys, but he decided to accept more money to join the rival. He is dead to Cowboy fans. He will want to show the Cowboys that he was worth the extra cash that the Eagles were willing to spend, while the Cowboys will look to show him that they don’t need him. All they need is their big offensive line, and it doesn’t matter who is taking hand-offs from Romo. The Cowboys will be entering this game without their star wide receiver, Dez Bryant (Foot). He will surely be missed, but look for Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley to help pick up the slack. We all know the Eagles will come out fast and try to get as many plays in as possible. Both offense’s fantasy-relevant players should be started this week. This game should have plenty of offense in it, and it easily could have been my Fantasy Jackpot. This seems like a pretty even match-up, but if you’re in a weekly pick’em league, the road team has won every time in the Chip Kelly era.

Must-Watch Showdown—Seahawks vs Packers

Brandon Bostick. Long gone from Green Bay, but still fresh in the mind of everyone in the state of Wisconsin. I’m afraid to even say this name three times out loud, Packer legends might haunt my dreams or something! I very well could have put this game in the section above, but are you really going to miss it? This is the definition of Must-Watch Showdown! Seahawks vs Packers on Sunday Night Football, excited yet? No? Well let me keep going then.

Has everyone forgot about the 2012 officiating controversy now? Again, I guarantee every Packer fan remembers it vividly. Let me try to make a long, painful story short as I remind everyone in the other 49 states what happened. This was during the 2012 referee lockout, so we had the terrible replacement refs officiating games at that time. Russell Wilson lofts up a Hail Mary, Golden Tate shoves a Green Bay defender in the back, he and M.D. Jennings both get their hands on the ball, they fall to the ground where Jennings rips it away from Tate. The two refs stand over them, one calling it a touchback, the other calls it a touchdown to win the game. “The Fail Mary”, “The Inaccurate Reception”, it’s been called many things, and it’s been called “terrible” by President Obama.

Two teams who have become very familiar with each other

Two teams who have become very familiar with each other

January 18, 2015 was the day that Mike McCarthy and Brandon Bostick (second time I said his name) screwed the Packers out of a trip to the Super Bowl. Eddy Lacy was getting a handful of yards at a time, but McCarthy decided to kick a field goal from the one and two yard lines. The second half comes around and the Packers abandon everything that had been working, and of course the Seahawks fight their way back. The Seahawks attempted an onside kick, and you know the rest of the story.

These are two elite NFC teams facing off in the primetime game. These guys are not friends and things could get hostile in Green Bay. This is a game not to miss, and not many football fans will. Two of the most talented quarterbacks will face-off against each other throwing to their young, talented receiving corps. One pass-catcher missing that hurts the Packers will be Pro-Bowler Jordy Nelson. Another pass-catcher that actually helps that he’s missing is, you guessed it, Brandon Bostick (that’s the third time, pray for me).

This was the second of my weekly “Cover 3”  articles! Let me know if you have questions/comments or what you liked/disliked below, or over on twitter @FantasyFlurry. If you did like it, I do ask that you please share it!

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