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If my Last Name was McMahon

Welcome wrestling fans to another addition of If my last name was McMahon! With Night of Champions this Sunday live on the WWE Network I thought I would tell you what I would specifically do with one of the matches on the pay-per-view card. Not just a prediction, but like I have done with other articles in this series, I act like I am in the room with the other creative writers of WWE and I tell you what I would tell them.Screen-Shot-2015-09-05-at-2.26.40-PM

Bray&BramSo the WWE has set up a 6 man tag match where we only know 5 of the participants. On 1 side the Wyatt Family, comprised of Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Braun Strowman. On the other side you have Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and a mystery partner. The question is, who should that mystery partner be? I will tell you who I would choose, if my last name was McMahon.

maskedKaneI believe there are 3 possibilities. Unfortunately, I do not think that myself and the other creative writers in the room would see eye to eye on this one. After watching Monday Night Raw this past Monday, I think by the way Reigns refereed to their partner as a monster, that it will likely be Kane. I really hope this is not the case. I wanted (and would have written) a feud between Kane and Seth Rollins before the Sting and Seth Rollins angle. If it is Kane, the partnership will not last very long, and will build to a feud between Kans and Reigns.

OrtonOvertheShoulderThe 2nd possibility, and the easiest possibility would be to just allow Randy Orton to be the 3rd member. But, this senerio will only work if they turn Orton heel again, and he basically has a feud with both Ambrose and Reigns. You would eventually have to give Orton a tag team partner, a talented young wrestler for Orton to take under his wing like he did with Cody and Ted Dibiase when they were Legacy. But, the rumor is that Randy Orton was attacked by the Wyatt’s to write him off of television for a few weeks. Personally, I think they will keep this rivalry going until Survivor Series and Orton will be introduced as the 5th member of Team Reigns.

If it were me, I would take this opportunity to promote another NXT Superstar and add him to the main roster. I would bring up another man with the same heritage as Reigns. I would have the mystery partner be Samoa Joe.samoa-joe

The next part of the story line would be to have Ambrose turn and join the Wyatt’s, and have them soon after add Bo Dallas to have 5 people. Team Reigns could have Joe, the Usos and Randy Orton all meet in a traditional 5 on 5 match at Survivor Series.

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