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Astros and Rangers Rivals?

Houston+Astros+v+Texas+Rangers+FIl9xhAmJVplThere have been some news stories about how there is now a rivalry in Texas between the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros. “They” are saying it’s good for baseball to set up rivals and that we should make all rivals occupy the same division. As a die-hard Rangers fan and a former Astros fan, I can say there was no rivalry. It was all very kumbaya. Sure, an I-45 World Series would have been awesome, but the reality of the rivalry was that there was none. Rangers fans cheered for the Rangers, and in the National League, we cheered for the Astros. This is not a rivalry. My definition of a rivalry is my absolute hatred of the New York Yankees. Now, the baseball geek in me wants to see a game at Yankee Stadium, and see Monument Park, and I will probably cry the day I walk into Yankee Stadium, but I still hate the Yankees.

During the Rangers’ first run in the playoffs, in 1996, my favorite Ranger, Dean Palmer, hit a home run in Yankee Stadium, but, alas, it was not to be. Three times, the Yankees kicked the Rangers out of the playoffs. For this, I hate them. Not even my favorite all-time player, Jayson Nix, who played for the Yankees, could make me like them. That is a rivalry. Is there a rivalry right now between Texas and Houston? Yes, but it’s about playing ability. In general, when the Rangers were doing good, Houston was not, and when Houston was doing good, the Rangers were not. Texas+Rangers+v+Houston+Astros+HG6RwPveC_3lThere was never a time when it felt like there was a competition. I saw a shift from the fans when the Astros joined the American League. I saw it on Facebook: My friends who had cheered for the Rangers and lived in Houston suddenly changed. One of them even said, “Well, I live here now and I have to choose, so I choose the Astros.” I call these people TRAITORS!!!!!! I pledged my allegiance to the Rangers and stopped caring about the Astros. Then the Astros got good and did amazing things and, until two days ago, were leading the division. They became competitive. They were the Rangers’ competition. Now flash forward to everyone saying there is a successful rivalry. It is only successful because both teams are competitive.

For the first time in Texas history, both teams are playing their very best baseball. We are fighting for the same goal. Now we are fighting in the same league and in the same division. The caliber of our playing ability is the fire of this rivalry. Only one can come out on top. The competition is what is feeding the rivalry. For me, it’s Rangers before Astros.

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