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10 Things We Learned From Week 1

Untitled11. This is not the same Bears team from a season ago

Even though the Bears lost and Cutler’s stats were 225 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT, this team has a completely different vibe about them this season. The Bears’ new head coach John Fox is doing something right over in Chicago because he even has Jay Cutler looking calm and poised. I know he threw a bad interception in the 4th quarter, but then he led them on a touchdown drive. The only thing the same about the Bears is Matt Forte who just doesn’t seem to age.

2. JJ Watt is not human

The man should have won the MVP last season, but he didn’t, so now he is on a mission to take the trophy jj wattfrom every quarterback with their eyes on it. In his game against the Chiefs, Watt recorded 9 total tackles (3 behind the league leader), 2 sacks (Tied for league-most), and 6 tackles for a loss. One more time: 6 tackles for a loss. I know this may not seem as impressive because we’ve seen the guy score touchdowns, but those are impressive stats, especially for a defensive lineman.

3. Defense/Special Teams matter in fantasy

If there was any doubting about how important your D/ST slot on your fantasy lineup is, this week should have shown you how valuable it is. For many of us, it could have won or lost us our match-ups. The stats this week were unbelievable: 15 fumble recoveries, 33 interceptions, 7 defensive touchdowns, and 3 special teams touchdowns. So from now on, make sure you give thought to your D/ST slot.

4. Mariota looks like the best quarterback from the draft so far

Mariota and Winston faced off Sunday to see who the better rookie quarterback was. If we were judging on only the first game, it wasn’t even close. Mariota finished the game with 209 yards 4 touchdowns and no interceptions. All of his touchdowns were scored in the first half, and he even got to rest in the 4th quarter because he played so well. He didn’t have to make very many difficult throws, be he was definitely efficient. Winston finished the game with 210 yards 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions which is a typical game we would expect from a rookie quarterback week 1.

5. Tyler Eifert should start to be discussed among the top 6 or 7 tight ends

Tyler Eifert is not only the clear number two receiving option behind AJ Green, he put up 9 catches for 104 yards and 2 touchdowns. If you follow me on twitter (@FantasyFlurry) then you know I have been talking this guy up for a while now. This guy is a physical beast that can be compared directly to Gronkowski. Eifert is 6’6, 250 lbs, runs a 4.68 40 time, and has a 35 ½ inch vertical. Gronkowski is 6’6, 265 lbs, runs a 4.75 40 time, and has a 32 inch vertical. If he is healthy the full season, expect great things.

6. Tom Brady and Gronkowski are on a missionBrady

Tom Brady is angry, irritated, and has something to prove this season. He obviously would love to wave another Lombardi Trophy in Goodell’s face, but he also feels he has something to prove to the entire country. He also has a massive, athletic target to throw to in Gronkowski, and he intends to use it often. Brady threw 25/32 288 yards and 4 touchdowns, 3 to Gronkowski. I wouldn’t be surprised to see similar stats often this year.

7. Phillip Rivers deserves his new contract

Rivers found himself down 3-21 in the first half, but lead his team back to beat the Lions 33-28. He took control in the second half and finished the game 35/42 404 yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. These were unbelievable numbers against a defense that ranked high in most categories last season.

8. Ameer Abdullah is a special player

The rookie is playing up to the hype. Abdullah was given limited touches in the game, but took advantage when he could: 7 carries for 50 yards and 1 TD, 4 catches for 44 yards, and 3 kick returns for a total of 105 yards. His usage should be on the rise, I just hope his body can handle the workload.

9. Broncos, Bills, and Rams have three of the top defenses in the NFL

All three teams’ defenses put on a very strong showing on Sunday that should scare their week 2 opponents. While missing S TJ Ward, the Broncos’ defense carried the team to a 19-13 victory over the Ravens. This team does everything well and will be a force the entire season. The Bills looked solid during defensive-minded head coach Rex Ryan’s debut. They shut down Andrew Luck, and did it without their expensive DT Marcell Dareus. The Rams also pulled off the upset against the Seahawks in OT. They capped off their 6-sack game by stuffing Marshawn Lynch on the 4th and 1 run up the middle (Maybe they should have thrown a slant).

10. All-pro players come through in the clutch Romo

Discussed earlier, Phillip Rivers comes back from being down 3-21 to put up 404 yards to win week one. Aaron Donald, DT for the Rams, had 9 tackles, 2 sacks, 3 tackles for a loss, and gets the penetration to stop Lynch on the 4th and 1 to win the game in OT. Clay Matthews read Cutler’s eyes, jumped the route, and got the 4th quarter interception to seal the win. On Sunday Night Football, Tony Romo lead the Cowboys on a miracle drive without Dez Bryant to beat the Giants with seconds left. These are the type of players that thrive under pressure instead of folding. That’s how you win games in this league.

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