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If My Last Name was McMahon

Today, the question is; Should the WWE allow Nikki Bella to break the consecutive day streak as Divas Champion of the now departed A.J. Lee?NikkiBella

Now, we have to set this up a little here. A.J. Lee is no longer with the company. She is with C.M. Punk who also is no longer with the company and had a messy departure with the company. And since he is married to A.J. the WWE may want to eliminate her from the record book.

But, lets face it, Nikki Bella is no great champion. She is not a very good wrestler, and her promo skills are even less impressive. But, she is attractive and she is John Cena’s girlfriend so there are two advantages for her.

Charlotte&RicFlairThis brings up her match this Monday night on Raw. In a match that was originally scheduled to take place at Night of Champions, the Divas Title will be on the line against Charlotte. Charlotte, for those of you who may not know is the daughter of the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. So why did they move the match? Will they really build up the hype and allow this match to actually be the main event?

Taking everything into consideration, I think they will allow Charlotte to claim the Divas title. Plus, it will be interesting to see what kind of ratings this gets them going up against week 1 of Monday Night football, especially since there are 2 games. But, how will it happen? This is what I would do if my last name was McMahon.

First, you need to decide if you want to have a clean pin or if you want to do something controversial. My vote is for controversial. Also, the divas division needs to give a good showing so the match needs to have a couple good spots, and needs to last at least 10 minutes. It would also be in my script to add a stipulation to the match where each participant could only bring one person to the ring with them. This would allow for Nikki to bring her sister Bre with her and would allow for a great moment as Charlotte brings her father to the ring with her.

As far as the ending of the match. Since Charlotte is a much better wrestler I would allow her to dominate most of the match. This would allow for the Bella’s to use their “twin magic” at the conclusion of the match. But, in doing so, when Bre Bella is brought in behind the referee’s back, I would actually have her not fight and get pinned. This could start the much anticipated feud between Nikki and Bre as well as be a controversial ending as Charlotte did not actually pin Nikki for the Divas Title and have another match at the Night of Champions pay-per-view.

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