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Want to win the AL West ? Go up I-45

RangersVSAstrosWho is going to win the AL West? Well, simply put, the Texas Rangers. OK, we can go home now, right? Oh, you want an explanation. Fine! The Houston Astros have been leading the West for most of this season. That line alone should have you reaching to pick up your jaw off the floor. While the Astros have been surprisingly good, they have had some problems, mainly on the road, where their winning percentage is .403. At home, is is a whopping .667. Crunch time is near, and the Astros don’t have what the Rangers have to make it to the postseason.

Advantage Rangers:

The Texas Rangers have in recent years struggled with pitchers and injury, but not right now. Holland is back, and his arm is as accurate as a sniper rifle.

This graph shows where Holland (the triangles) placed his pitches in the strike zone. He is on point. Another advantage: Holland has stamina, and in his coming back from injury, he has not been in the long Texas summer and will be a fresh arm for the postseason.cole-hamelsRangers

Cole Hamels took some time to get adjusted to his new Texas digs, and he is starting to show Ranger fans why he was needed. Hamels brings postseason experience to the starting rotation.

The Texas Rangers as a team  have the perfect balance of  veteran and young players. While this may be Manager Jeff Banister’s first year as a professional manager, he is also well experienced. He also brings a new drive to the team with his hashtag #nevereverquit.Beltre&Fielder

The Rangers have some of the most powerful bats in the league. Beltre, Fielder, Moreland, Choo. That’s in the starting lineup. The reserves are Napoli and Hamilton (no relation).

The Astros are good, but they are not going to be good enough with the schedule that is coming up, including an away series against Texas, and their last games are on the road. If the Astros did manage to beat the Rangers, then they would still have to contend with the Kansas City Royals. The Rangers have the tools to go up against the Royals and make it quite a show. The Astros do not and would lose to the Royals, especially on the road.

The Astros are a good team and did some wonderful work this year and should be proud. A little tweaking in the offseason, and they will be unstoppable. The Rangers, however, have a better team and more experience, and they are going to take the West.




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