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Tyrod Taylor Wins Grueling QB Battle in Buffalo


Tyrod Taylor


Matt Cassell


E.J. Manuel

In the NFL, a starting job has to be earned, and Tyrod Taylor did just that.

The Bills QB race was very tight all the way until Rex Ryan made the announcement after their third preseason game.  E.J. Manuel, Matt Cassell, and Tyrod Taylor all have the capability of being a starting quarterback. Matt Simms also competed for the job but it turned out to be a three player race.  Ryan was not going to announce the starter during the preseason  but had a “change of heart” and named Taylor to take the reins in Buffalo.

When you have more rushing yards at Virginia Tech, you are bound to find a starting QB job at the pro level right?

Tyrod Taylor is a phenomenal athlete.  If you watch him from his college days, his speed in the open field is incredible.  When you add in his arm strength and agility within and outside the pocket, Taylor has all the right elements to be a successful QB.  This is going to be his first big test in the NFL, and I am ready to see him take the field and make plays.  This video gives you a great look of what Tyrod Taylor was at Virginia Tech and highlights what he will be doing this season no doubt.


Tyrod, 26, beat out last year’s starter EJ Manuel and Matt Cassell for the starting job.  Manuel started the season last year but was benched five games into the season of his sophomore season due to his lack of accuracy, explosiveness, and decision making.  Cassell, has put together an very good NFL resume with his star play in New England and Kansas City.  The decision must have been very tough considering that all these QBs have something that makes them a viable starter.

I am excited to see Tyord Taylor under center in Buffalo.  He has what it takes to be an elite QB in this league and has the weapons to do so.  With LeSean McCoy in the backfield,  Sammy Watkins, Percy Harvin, and Charles Clay in the passing game, Tyrod could not be put in a better situation to be successful.  While the passing game should be a success, he will not be afraid to make plays with his feet.  When the pocket collapses, Taylor will be on the run and march his team down the field.  This is what I thought was his best preseason game as a whole.  He did everything right and looked like a starting QB.

The Bills have done everything right this off-season, now it is time to prove it.



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