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The NFL’s #3’s

This will be the 4th of 8 articles that will give you, the reader, my rankings per conference per division. This article will start off by giving you all the #3’s in the AFC, or the teams a notch above the worst in each division. Keep this in mind when you are drafting your fantasy leagues and comment below when I say your team that you love is either worse or better than you thought.


justin-forsett-nfl-tennessee-titans-baltimore-ravens5-850x560Baltimore Ravens- Some people are going to disagree with this ranking, but let me defend it. First, Torrey Smith, the Ravens only true deep threat was allowed to walk and thus, signed with the 49ers. So, they can’t stretch the field. Their running back is an unproven older back. He is a great guy, but how will he be on the field this year is the question. Plus, their defense is not what they use to be.


Jacksonville Jaguars- Simply put, this team is young. They have talent, but they are young. Blake Bortles is improving, but he is young. They are more than likely going to give a starting job to a 5th round draft pick from this years draft. Their starting running back is going to be a journeyman in T.J. Yeldon with their other running back having an awful 2014 season in Toby Gerhart.


Buffalo Bills- They are trending in the right direction, but trending means you not at the top yet. They have nice pieces on the receiving end, but do you trust a perennial back-up quarterback in Tyrod Taylor throwing to them? Taylor is a good sleeper candidate, but a team who is ready to win does not have a good “sleeper” candidate as their quarterback. They have an above average defense, and they have above average receivers. They need an above average quarterback, and an above average running back and then they would certainly move up my list.


Maclin.OTA_.Day7_-300x224Kansas City Chiefs- The story of Eric Berry is great, and because of his story, I will rout for him all season. But his story, as heartwarming as it is, will not improve the play of his team on the field. The obvious key to the Chiefs is to score a touchdown, and it be in the hands of a receiver. That means they have to get wide receiver Jeremy Maclin involved in the offense, heavily involved. In my mind there is a big problem with Maclin and the quarterback Alex Smith. Maclin is a downfield stretch the field receiver, and Smith is an accurate quarterback within 25 yards type of quarterback. Smith does not throw deep balls well, and Maclin does not run 7 yard hitches well. They do not make a great combination, that is why the Chiefs for me are still at #3.

The rankings of these #3’s with the #1 being the best of the 4 and #4 being the worse of the worse.

1) Baltimore Ravens

2) Kansas City Chiefs

3) Buffalo Bills

4) Jacksonville Jaguars


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